24 February 2013

'Most Worn' | Tag.

Hello, my lovelies..
Well, Happy Sunday!

I hope that you's all had a lovely week.
Today's blogpost is going to be a tag.
Alrighty, here it goes.
1. Most worn lipstick and lipgloss; Probably Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 260 (Amethyst Shimmer) and for Lipgloss, I never really wear any but, I consider Revlon's lip butter as a Lipgloss so I'd have to say it, in Cotton Candy.

2. Most worn Eyeliner; L'Oreal Superliner - it is just amazing, stays on all day and it's just brillant.

3. Most worn Nailpolish; Any of the L'Oreal Colour Riche colours, they're so wearable, but I would recommend a topcoat. 

4. Most worn eyeshadow; Rimmel Glam Eyes in Smokey Brun.

5. Most worn Concealer; Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer.

6. Most worn Foundation; I switch between Rimmel wake me up foundation and Benefit's Hello Flawless foundation.

7. Most worn Kohl Eyeliner; I rarely use Kohl eyeliner, usually just liquid.

8. Most worn blush; I rarely use blush, but Benefit's Fine One One.

9. Most worn bronzer; I rarely use bronzer.

10. Most worn mascara: Maybelline's the Volume Rocket Express. I really like it, it just coats every lash with just the right amount of mascara.
Alrighty, until tomorrow..A.


  1. Nice list! I've really been dying to try BeneFit's Fine-One-One. Looks so pretty! :)



    1. Thanks :)
      Well, I'm going to be doing a review on it very soon so, keep an eye out :)