25 March 2013

Motivational Monday | Spring | Week 5.

Hello lovelies,
I hope you's all had a lovely week..

I was thinking earlier - I miss Motivational Mondays!
So I thought I'll bring it back for Spring, it's also a little update.

Just a little update; Apologies for my absence as of late - I do have some really good blogposts on their way.
It just takes time, as yous know, to prepare a blogpost, but I am going to begin pre-planning my blogposts so that my blogpsts are more regular.

Courtesy of weheartit.com
Alrighty, so now for Motivational Monday;

This week I have been having a Spring Clean - sorting anything and everything out.
I love Spring cleaning - It's almost like a fresh start.
A new season, a new beginning.

This week's little resolutions are;

1. Do More - I want to just do more. I want to make the most of this beautiful season. I want to go to the park, have a picnic and just get out there.

2. Prep - This is not just for blogging, but in general. I rarely plan ahead and especially for blogging, I need to! I'm going to get a board and plan what I'll be blogging about so that, at the weekend, I can take an hour and start a couple of blogposts.

Alrighty, so that was Motivational Monday.
I'll definitely be continuing this, because I've missed it.

What's your little resolutions for Spring?


  1. My spring resolutions are to get out more as well! Lovely posts and I agree with all of your resolutions and wish you luck with them :) x


  2. Cute post hope you stick to your resolutions!



  3. We have the exact same resolutions! I seem to always make these 2 resolutions every now and again, though. It's just... I never really stick to them. Good luck to you!

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  4. Love the concept of motivtional monday! keep up the great work hun!


  5. Really cute post!
    Lovely blog too, will like it now x

    gracierosee.blogspot.co.uk x