8 April 2013

Motivational Monday | Week 6.

Hello lovelies,
How are you's all? I hope that all of your Easter's were lovely!
It is finally beginning to look more like Spring.

This week I've been Spring cleaning - I've been cleaning out all of my clothes (Maybe making a few online purchases, as well!) and cleaning everything.

Courtesy of weheartit.com

Alrighty, so my little resolutions are:

1. Sort out everything - This may need to be explained (Just slightly..). I want to sort out the decor in my room, my Spring clothes and especially my Make-up and Jewellery storage. In general, just get ready for Spring.

2. Get out more - I want to start going out while it's sunny because living in the U.K. means a limited amount of nice sunny days so, I'm going to make the most of them.

I hope that you's are all having a lovely week.
I have some good reviews on their way, until then..



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  2. I've just started spring cleaning my bedroom, rearranging things as well because I like to change things a little every now and again!

    I love your blog :)

    Jodie xx


  3. And thank goodness it is starting to look more like spring. I feel like I've spent the past few months doing none other than sitting inside in my PJ's, so you're definitely not the only one in need of a few more outings.Anyway, just found your lovely blog...I'm your newest follower! :') x Olwyn


  4. That quote really spoke to me, I'm about to graduate and the thought of actually having to go out and get a proper job scares me so much - will have to keep this in mind.

    I've just started following but love what I've seen of your blog so far :) Have a look at mine if you get the chance! http://nataliewrites.co.uk x