15 April 2013

Motivatonal Monday | Week 7

Alright M'Lovelies?
It's Monday again and you know what that means :)

This week I've been on a mission - A Spring Clean.
Yesterday, I finally finished cleaning/redecorating my room and I think that I am finally happy with my room.
I love Spring cleaning. I think it's because when I Spring clean, I empty out all of my make-up and I always see something that I once loved (Usually a lipstick!) and then I go back to that product.

Courtesy of weheartit.com

This week's little resolutions are:

1. Eat Healthier - As it's Spring, it's getting to the kind of weather for Salads and BBQ's. I want to begin to eating less pasta and more salads, just little changes like drinking more water.

2. Plan - I am awful for arranging things. I want to start planning what days I plan for blogposts, what day I clean etc. I want to be able to arrange days out with the family.

What's your little resolutions?


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