13 August 2013

Get Involved!

Hello lovelies!
This is just a quick post to ask you to get involved in an amazing project! You can read more about it here: tmblr.co/ZpiTZws8Eqys but it is for all those who suffer with anxiety/panic attacks.
Please share on every single social media platform there is!
Thank you!
A, XO.

12 August 2013


Hello lovelies,
So, I'm blogging via my phone but I just wanted to let you's know that from the 23rd I'm going to be MIA because I'm going on a little retreat/adventure week! :)

I'm hoping to start blogging from this week, and will hopefully sort out my laptop!

Until then, A.


9 August 2013

Thank you!

Hello my lovelies!
Firstly, I want to apologise. I am hoping to get my laptop situation sorted out tomorrow and will be getting a replacement very soon!
Secondly, I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all those who have stuck with me even though I haven't been blogging! And to those who have followed my blog via BlogLovin'. I appreciate it so much! :)
Thirdly, I would love if you guys could pop on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe! :) I'd really appreciate it and am updating it weekly as I upload straight from the iPad to YouTube! :) The link is above or here: YouTube.com/amylaurenblog. Have a little look at the tabs! You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.!
Again, thank you for staying with me even though the blogging has been temporary interrupted! You's are all amazing :)
Love, A.