27 October 2013

The Weekend Post | Week 5

Hello lovelies!
And a happy Sunday to you's all.

Long time, no speak! How are you's all doing?
So, I decided to have a little break from blogging for a week or two and to be honest, now I am keener than ever to start back again!

So, the last weekend post I left you's with, I was trying to decide what career path I was wanting to go down. Well, I've decided (Finally!) and I am beginning to build the path of my future. It's quite refreshing!

This week I've also been spending a lot of time with my family and I have to say, I've loved it. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, we forget to sit down with old friends/family and have a chat! I've really loved catching up with distant relatives! The one quote that stuck with me this week was one I instagrammed (LINK! *Cough Cough*).

The quote was "You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce!" and as Bey is one of my greatest idols, It really make my think that I need to constantly push myself to work harder, even if I think I'm giving 100%, someone is giving 110% and I want to prove to myself, also!

SO, goal time!

This week, I'm going to continue my career plans, for one.
Also, I'm going to start setting aside 5 minutes in the morning to think a few positive things. Start the day off on the right foot!

What are your little challenges?




  1. such a lovely quote!

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    from helen at thelovecatsinc

  2. wow, just what I NEED IT :) NICE


  3. a refreshingly different post :) my little challenge is to get up early every morning and go for a walk!

    www.tigerlilybeauty.blogspot.com | UK Beauty Blog


    1. Thanks for sharing! Hope all goes well! :)

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  6. Loved the quote! My challenge is to write a couple more blog posts to get my blog up and running!

    From Chloe athttp://www.chloetheredhead.blogspot.co.uk