15 November 2013

L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation | Review

Hello lovelies!
Firstly, happy Friday! I hope you's all have a lovely weekend!

Today is going to be a review!
Recently, I was looking for a new foundation (Because I obviously don't have enough already! Right?!) and I seen this new release from L'Oreal.

I was intrigued as I had seen a few advertisements about this and how it claims that it is lighter than water on the skin.

One of the first things I noticed, was how light-weight it was. I really wasn't expecting it to be SO lightweight. I don't know if i would say that it's lighter than water, but it's definitely close! I applied this using a stippling brush, as I find that when I used my Real Techniques Buffing brush, it didn't blend into the skin as well.

The texture is smooth, applies well with the stippling brush and is nice and light which is the type of foundation I typically go for: One that you can wear everyday but you can also use if you want a fuller coverage for a special occasion.

The next thing is the performance. I have oily skin and I was worried that it wouldn't last on my skin but it stayed on for a good 10 hours which I think is pretty impressive for such a light foundation. I personally really like this as I have a lot of natural redness in my skin and as this is a slightly more yellow-toned foundation, it cancelled it out well.

When applied to the skin, it gives a matte finish so I would recommend this to those with oily skin, but I think it would work on any type of skin. The coverage is light - medium but buildable. Along with the coverage, it has an SPF of 18, which for the weather in the U.K. right now is perfect as winter is in full swing!

Overall, I really like this foundation. I would recommend to anyone with oily skin, however it suits any skin type. It's the perfect 'Everyday' foundation!

Have you ever tried this foundation?



  1. I've always wanted to try this :) Lovely review :)


  2. Thank you! I would definitely recommend :)

  3. Great post! I really want to try this foundation, especially because I like matte finish ones best :)



  4. I've seen their adverts where it floats on to of the water, very cool! Hope to try it soon, lightweight is always good!

    1. Definitely, especially for those 'Barely there' foundation days! :)

  5. I really want this foundation, after I get the UD3, I think I will buy this. Great post xx

    Laila | Townhouse Palette

  6. I also really liked this foundation. It worked really nice with my oily skin and gives me a nice finish!!


  7. I'd just like to say that I really enjoy reading your blog! You can see that you put a lot of effort in every post :)
    Good job, I love it! x (Btw I am @DutchZoella on Twitter) www.evavanoverbeek.blogspot.nl

  8. This foundation is gorgeous! :*

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  9. I really want to try this foundation, the only thing I dislike is the fact that there's no pump. I would just use way too much, just like my revlon colourstay! x

  10. I keep meaning to try this foundation! Can't wait to get it, great review :) x


  11. Hello dear, beautiful blog and great review :) i follow you with pleasure on GFC, bloglovin, twitter and g+, if you want to pass me by :)


    kiss Tea

  12. It looks good, I'll have to try it!


  13. I have never tried this foundation but thanks to your review I really want to!
    I prefer light-weight and liquid foundations so I guess this one could be nice for me :)
    Thank you for sharing!

    x Vonyll