24 December 2013

Rimmel 'Kate Moss' Lipstick in 107 | Review

As it's merely days until Christmas, I thought I'd review on the most talked about 'Classic Red' Lipsticks of this year. It is, of course, the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 107. This is one of those products that's made it's way around the beauty blogosphere and it doesn't disappoint!

Having been reading blogs for the last 10 months, I have learnt that there certain products that go around the blogosphere that are so well known, you've read 5 different reviews before even trying it out yourself! And most of them are definitely worth the hype and this is no exception.

The first thing that caught me off guard was the price tag, or should I say the small price tag. This is, what I would call, a budget beauty buy in the sense that it retails for a mere £5.49 however, quality- wise is worth much more. The colour itself is a beautiful Dark Burgundy and I love it personally.

When I first tried this lipstick, I instantly compared it to my beloved MAC Ruby Woo. The first thing I noticed was how moisturising it was compared to my MAC lipstick. The only MAC formula it is similar to, is the Satin finish. It's very creamy, pigmented and sits well on the lips. One of the negatives of my MAC lipstick, was that in the harsh conditions of British Winter, my lips dried out easily and tended to chap. This is brilliant for the Winter! 

The packaging is also lovely for the price. I don't tend to like many budget lipstick packaging as some can look quite tacky however, it's sleek design with the simple signature is classic. As they say, 'Less is more'.

Overall, it is a great lipstick for any Winter's day and won't dry out the lips either (Which is a pain!).
I would definitely recommend this product for those wanting a great quality lipstick without the designer price tag!

Have you tried this lipstick? 



  1. such a pretty color :) xx

  2. Kate lipsticks are the best. The colour is to die for.♥

    1. They really are the best for quality and price! :)

  3. This lipstick color is just beautiful, It's on my list of many lipsticks I would like to get my hands on haha!
    Love your blog, glad I found it!