1 January 2014

New Year! New me?

I've never been one of those people who say, "New Year, New Me" but I thought it would quite interesting to look back this time next year and see if I accomplished some New Year's Resoltuions (If any!).

So, here it goes. Here are a few of my goals for 2014:

Loose Weight: Ahh, the cliche resolution. I would like to loose some weight and hopefully, that'll give me a boost of confidence!

Organise: I am terrible for pre-planning anything. Blogposts, hairdressers, meeting up with friends, ANYTHING. The main thing is to schedule my blogposts, and uploads to my channel because it makes life so much easier!

Decorate: I have been wanting to re-decorate my room for the last few months and am determined to sort that out! A new office desk is due!

Anxiety be gone: I want to definitely stop letting my anxiety get the worst of me. 2013 was a year with bad anxiety and a lot more palpitations, so I want to make that not the case this year!

That's about it, in terms of resolutions!
They're probably all very cliche but they're the goals I hope to accomplish!

What are your New Years Resolutions?



  1. Happy New Year Amy! I'm sure you can achieve all this and more this year! :)
    L xo

    1. Thanks Lizzie! Happy New Year to you too! :) XX.

  2. I'm the worst organizer EVER. Like, seriously, I'm not even kidding!
    For my blog, though, I found some really awesome weekly and monthly post organizers! I'd really advise you to check them out! They help a lot. I have several printables on my pinterest account!

    I hope you follow through on all of your resolutions! :) Happy new year! May 2014 bring to you all of the happiness in the world!


    1. Thanks hun! Will definitely have to check them out!
      Happy new year to you too! X.

  3. Happy new year dear !! i wish you a great year ahead :) xx