21 February 2014

Tanya Burr's Lips and Nails Range

Tanya Burr's blog was one of the first I read and loved, so when Tanya announced that she would be bringing out her own range of Lip and Nail products, I simply had to review them!

If you're not sure who Tanya is, she is a beauty and fashion blogger with her own YouTube channel and now make-up range! Tanya released her Lip and Nail range at the end of January and within days were sold out! I bought 6 products in the collection:

(L-R: Little Duck, Midnight Sparkles, Vampire Kiss, Afternoon Tea, Bright and Early and Penguin Chic.)

14 February 2014

Benefit's 'B.right Radiant Skincare' Set

Skincare has never been my forte.
On days when I'm super tired, I tend to grab for the face wipes over a good cleanser and toner.
I know, how very non-beauty blogger of me!

I was browsing the Benefit counter one day and seen this little set of minis and decided to buy it! This is the 'B.right Radiant Skincare' range. I personally love sets of minis as my skin can be very temperamental and it's far cheaper than buying a full-sized product when there is the possibility that your skin won't agree with it!

7 February 2014

Impress 'Press-On Manicure' Nails

I am one of the most impatient people when it comes to painting nails.
I love when my nails are dry and have a glossy topcoat but waiting for them to dry is my worst nightmare.

To me, it is SO boring.

I'd heard a lot about 'Impress Stick On Manicure' nails and had been meaning to try them for a while but just forgot. I recently went into Boots and decided to give them a whirl. I bought them in my favourite colour on nails: Red.

Shock horror!