18 March 2014

A Weekend Away in Dublin | The Sequel

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably know I was recently in Dublin.
I went to Dublin to see the one and only Beyonce in concert and if you've been following my blog for a while, you may know that this isn't the first time. Last May, I went to see B also, which you can read more about here.

I thought I'd share with you's how it became to be the best weekend ever. Literally. Ever.

We stayed at the Grand Canal Hotel which is literally minutes form the Aviva Stadium. It was also a happy coincidence that there was a rugby match on that weekend and Ireland won so the atmosphere was incredible.

As soon as we checked in, we headed down Grafton street for some retail therapy! We headed straight to Brown Thomas and my Mum got her eye make-up done at the Chanel counter.

We went around Stephen's Green but didn't end up buying anything. I know, weird right?
This is when the most incredible thing ever happened. Me and my Mum were walking out of the shopping centre when my Mum stopped me. Standing metres away from us was one of 'Les Twins' who are Beyonce's male dancers. They've been featured in many of her videos and she actually said during her concert that they were: 'Her best friends'. I was in complete shock, I couldn't even process who it was standing in front of me. Larry from Les Twins, who performs with Beyonce every night on the tour, metres away from me.

This then happened..

I do just want to say that I did get two pictures and the other is a nicer/smiley one but I thought this one would be more appropriate considering I was trying to act calm on the outside even though, really I was screaming in my head! Haha

Safe to say that after that, I walked around with my Mum talking to me about Shoes and Dresses and I honestly, still don't have a clue what she said. All I remember is standing in the middle of Oasis and crying. No joke.

We then grabbed some food at the hotel (Let's be honest, I was no use to anyone after meeting Larry!) and then we headed back to the room. I got a bath and tried to process what happened. It was a nice relaxed Friday and an amazing start to Dublin!

The next morning, we got up early, got breakfast and headed out for some more retail therapy. We decided to go to another shopping centre that one of the taxi drivers had mentioned in passing. I'm so glad he did! The place being Dundrum Shopping Centre. WOW.

If you like shopping, you will love it her. I couldn't actually photograph the scale of this place in one single picture. It's the largest shopping centre in Ireland and boy, isn't it just. I have honestly never seen a bigger shopping complex in my life. It was unbelievable.

The shops made it even better. You had House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, Jamie Italian, Body Shop, Nandos, M&S, Aldo, Kiehl's, L'Occitane, Inglot...EVERYTHING. I would have to do a whole separate blogpost of just the shops here. It had 4 floors and you would need about a week to get around every single one of them. (Even for an experienced shopper like myself!).


While in Dundrum, we decided to get ours nail painted at Nails Inc. I went for Baker Street which, if any of you are Beyonce obsessed like myself, you'll know this was the colour she wore when she made her first public appearance after having Blue Ivy.

It's a gorgeous royal Blue and I love it!
We headed back to the hotel, got ready for Bey and went to the concert!

Me and my Mum at the concert!

The beautiful and talented Queen B herself. Bey was absolutely incredible. Definitely the best concert  - Even better than the last time I seen her. This concert was definitely focused more on empowering woman and showing the different sides of women and I have to admit, I did cry a few times!

On our last day in Dublin, we just relaxed in the hotel reception. We got lunch, chatted and just enjoyed the last few hours of us being in the beautiful city.

I really enjoyed Dublin and writing this blogpost, makes me miss it already! I will definitely be back soon! An incredible weekend and one I will never forget!

Have you ever been to Dublin?

14 March 2014

How To: Grey Smoky Eye Look

Since my 'Week in Pictures', I got so many of you asking for a guide to how I created my eye look.
It was honestly a last minute decision to do the look on the eyes but you's seemed to like it!

12 March 2014

Pep Talk?

I'm currently writing this with my Yankee Candle burning, in a hoodie with my hair in a top knot. Just thought you should know that..

Today I am going to write about something that has been bugging me for a while now and I know we all go through this from time to time: Lack of Motivation. Yes, the age old dilemma of how to get motivated. It's a toughie. I've read so many articles on the 'world wide web' about this topic and to be honest, some of them are not helpful in the slightest so I thought I'd give you a few tips, from personal experience.

Think Positive - This is the simplest thing. Think of a time you accomplished something and how you felt after. Great, wasn't it? Apply that to a current dilemma and think how you'll feel after you complete the task!

Baby Steps - I had this as my background picture for a while because I always tend to get anxious if I think about the big picture or how much work I have to do. If I divide it into smaller tasks, it doesn't seem as bad. Think of, in Friends, when Chandler wasn't sure if he wanted to go through with getting married. Remember Ross broke the process into small steps? THAT!

If at first you don't succeed... - Try, try again. Just because there's a bump in the road, doesn't mean you stop travelling. I always try to embrace the fact that with everyday I am learning. I feel that our failures make us stronger and more determined. Just keep swimming!

Self-assurance - Believe in yourself. You are the most powerful person in completing a task. We all get moments of doubt, but remember, you are stronger than you think!

So, that was my little pep talk for you!
What's your one tip for motivation?

7 March 2014

Current Skincare Routine

Skincare is one of those things that I try to invest my time into.
Sometimes I find myself reaching for the faces wipes but for the most part, I try to keep to a routine.

I feel that skincare is the most important step in a woman's beauty routine. I've always said that if you have a good canvas for your make-up, your make-up sits better. I had got a request for a skincare video, which I will be doing over here, but until then, I thought I'd blog about it! Before I start, I want to state my skin type: I have oily/combination skin and have a fair amount of natural redness in my skin.

Let's get started!

4 March 2014

My Week In Pictures

Ever since I began blogging, I've felt more of a need to document my life. I want to be able to look back in a few months or even years and see my progression.

I thought that every Tuesday I would do a lifestyle-related post and then Friday's is more beauty and fashion! So, today I am going to be sharing a week of my life in pictures. Here it goes!

My Vlogging camera for Dublin! I'll be putting it up when I get back here!
If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I've become obsessed with this trilogy! Currently starting Mockingjay and love it!

Recently, I went for a family dinner: This was my eye look!

Decided to pair Little Duck by Tanya Burr with my Sally Hanson Top Coat!

Little Duck on the Nails!
Catching up on my favourite blogs!

That was my 'A week in pictures'! Some are from my Instagram so if you like these kind of picture/lifestyle posts, you may like my Instagram! You can check it out here!

What's been your favourite thing to happen this week?

1 March 2014

Hello! - Part 2 | Get To Know Me Tag

As some of you may know, I recently advertised on the wonderful Louise a.k.a. Sprinkle of Glitter's blog and since so many of you have popped on over here and followed (Thank you!), I thought I'd reintroduce myself since you may be new to my Blog!

It's the Get To Know Me Tag!

1. Do you have a middle name?
I do! It's Lauren! Get it? Amy Lauren? *Wink Wink Nudge Nudge*

2. What was your favorite subject in school?
Definitely Art!

3. What's your favorite drink?

4. What's your favorite song at the moment?
I am currently loving Sam Smith's music.

5. What would you name your children?
No idea.

6. Do you participate in any sports?
Not currently - I do love Boxing and Yoga though.

7. What's your favourite book?
The Hunger Games trilogy. I'm currently on Mockingjay and am obsessed!

8. What's your favourite colour?

9. What's your favorite animal?
Cats! I'll probably be a crazy cat lady when I'm old! Haha

10. What's your favorite perfume?
Issay Miyake's L'Eau D'Issey.

11. What's your favorite holiday?
I'd have to say Christmas! It's such an amazing time of year!

12. Where's one place you want to travel?
Everywhere! I'd love to travel the world.

13. Have you been out of the country?

14. Do you speak any other languages?
I speak some German but am definitely not fluent!

15. Do you have any siblings?

16. What's your favourite store?
New Look or H&M!

17. What's your favorite restaurant?
Don't really have a favourite. I do love Pizza Hut!

18. Do you like reading?

19. Who is your favorite YouTubers?
EssieButton. I love her personality and how down to earth she is!

20. What's your favourite movie?
The Great Gatsby. I read the book first and fell in love with Mr. Gatsby.

21. What are some of your favorite TV shows?
So many! I love The Mindy Project, Revenge, Scrubs, HIMYM and Friends. All the classics!

22. PC or Mac?
Mac! I used to love PC and then I got my MAC and now, I don't think I could ever go back to a PC.

23. What phone do you have?
IPhone 5S in Grey.

24. How tall are you?
5 foot nothing! Haha

25. Any pets?
None, but would love a little maltese when older!

So that was the tag! I hope you got to know me a bit better! I tag you all to do this tag!

ALSO: I am also going to be posting twice a week from now on! Still on a Friday and then maybe on a Tuesday also? Let me know what you think!