14 March 2014

How To: Grey Smoky Eye Look

Since my 'Week in Pictures', I got so many of you asking for a guide to how I created my eye look.
It was honestly a last minute decision to do the look on the eyes but you's seemed to like it!

To create this look, I used only one palette. That being the MAC RiRi Quad Eyeshadow Palette in Smoked Cocoa. I personally love MAC's shadows as they blend beautifully and create an effortless smoky eye effect even if you're not great at smoky eyes. They're also amazingly pigmented and last forever!

To start with, I used the two matte shades. The first is a champagne with very small flecks of shimmer running through. I applied this all over the lid and blended out. I gives a natural look but you still know there's something on the lids.

I then used the matte grey shadow and placed it in the contour/crease of the lid. This part is up to you and you can make it a subtle or as obvious as you want. I personally love the grey shade so I apply and fair amount and continue to blend out.

Once it's blended out to the way I want it, I move onto lining the eye. For this, you can use either of the bottom shades. I do, however, tend to add a little bit of the shimmery black to the crease just to add more depth. I use the matte black as an Eyeliner as it makes your upper lashline appear that little bit thicker. To finish the look, I use my Maybelline Colassal Volume Express Mascara, which gives a really volumizing finish on the lashes.

I personally love the look and wear it all the time. It's the kind of look that you can wear the two tops shades during the day and then add the matte black for a more evening look.

What's your go-to make-up look?


  1. This is so pretty (and so are your eyes!) I'm not really an eyeshadow person, but I've decided to start working on it, so I read lovely tutorials like this. Can't wait to try it out :) x ~D

  2. Love this look, this is right up mu street. I wish I would have got my hands on to this palette!!


  3. I fell in love with this look when you posted it first!
    Have a great weekend, Amy :)


  4. I love this look! I need to check out the MAC RiRi quad now! x

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  5. This was such a good post!! Not only do I looove the eye look, but the way you edited the pictures was awesome, such a good tutorial!


  6. Great post, willdefinitely give it a try!