26 May 2014


Change is good. It can also be incredibly scary.

As some of your may know, I recently decided to delete my beauty YouTube channel and created an entire new lifestyle channel dedicated to rambles, tags and fun videos. As I explained in my first video on that channel, I just felt that I wasn't enjoying creating beauty videos anymore and it came across in the videos.

It was incredibly daunting pressing that delete button. There was a lot of content on my old channel that I was really proud of from the editing to the reaction from the viewers. I needed a change though. You may have noticed that I haven't exactly been blogging as frequently. The reason being, I needed a break from everything internet.

I have had so much going on with house-hunting, a new job, making time for old friends, arranging trips, EVERYTHING. In the next week, I'm flying over to beautiful England to see some of my amazing family which I cannot wait for! I'm just so glad I booked a night flight!

All-in-all, I hope you are doing well. It's nice to catch-up. I will be back with some corker beauty reviews soon!

Until then...


  1. I hope you find the break peaceful... will look forward to your return :)

  2. Amazing blog < 3

  3. Great Blog! Love your photos :D


  4. Such a good blog, I love your design! I wish you lots of luck with the YouTube channel sometimes change is good!!
    Em x