3 May 2014

Someday Summary 1 | A day at the beach

*Stands up*
Hi there. I'm Amy and I'm a bad blogger.

Yes, yes. That may be a slight over-exaggeration but the principal is still there. Apologies for the lack of, well..anything on this blog. My WiFi conveniently decided to shut down on me for a week, which was just great.

Today I'm sharing what I've been up to recently over the Easter break. I have decided to turn this into a little series known as 'Someday Summary'. Be warned, this is picture heavy!

It was a Friday afternoon and work was done for the weekend, so we decided to go for a little bite to eat to kick off the weekend! It was such a beautiful day to just sit and relax with an ice cold drink.

The first thing I got was battered mushrooms with aioli dip and an amazing salad! YUM.

For mains, I got a steak sandwich with onions and salad on ciabatta. It was amazing but I couldn't finish it! 

After we had an amazing meal, we headed to a little town called Donaghadee which I absolutely love visiting. It's such a beautiful town and I would love to live there one day!

We headed down to the beach and was greeted by this..WOW.

Trying to take selfies with the wind messing up your hair is not easy! Haha 

We stayed there, had a little walk around the beach and then headed home! It was such an amazing day and I can't wait for more summer days like this!

How has your week been?


  1. Wonderful photos it looks like you had lots of fun :) hope your enjoying the Easter break! xx

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  2. very beautiful photos! have a great weekend <3

  3. That steak looks so tasty and it made me hungry a bit ;)


  4. looks like fun! hope you enjoyed it:)