28 December 2015

Anna Saccone x Stilnest Jewellery | The Perfect Gift

The SacconeJoly's are one of the first Family vloggers I ever watched.
I remember watching my first Video of Anna's and wanting to become put of that same positive community. They were one of the reasons why I started YouTube!

When I first heard that Anna was releasing Jewellery, I instantly knew that I needed to check these out! As soon as they were released, I bought one and it arrived as an early Christmas present!

17 December 2015

Christmas Wrapping Inspiration

 I love wrapping Christmas Presents.

There's something about sitting down with a Hot Chocolate and a good Movie, while wrapping Gifts for loved ones that makes me feel all festive! This Year, I was actually prepared (Yes, I know. Shocker!) and I bought some Christmas Wrapping essentials from Paperchase.

Paperchase is fast becoming one of my favourite Shops for stationery. The prices are reasonable and the quality of the products are amazing. Plus, their delivery is fast, which always helps if you run out of wrapping Paper a few Days before Christmas!

I thought I'd show you how I've decorated my Presents this Year!

10 December 2015

'Tis the Season to be Jolly..

I love Christmas.

Yes. I'm that girl who starts singing Michael Buble the second October is over. As soon as it turned November, I got straight in the Car and headed to Matalan to decorate my Room all festive! I thought I'd show you what I purchased!

6 December 2015

Feel Unique Beauty Advent Calendar | Initial Thoughts

I've always been fascinated with beauty advent calendars.

What can I say? The thought of getting a little product every single Day for an entire Month, makes my giddy! This Year, I finally decided to purchase my first ever beauty advent calendar but before that, I needed to figure out which one!

Now, when I first looked into advent calendars, I was utterly confused to say the least! Over the last few years, these little calendars have gradually gotten more and more popular. This Year, it feels like every company has their own version on it!

I began to research all the advent calendars, from Liberty and Charlotte Tilbury, to Feel Unique and the Body Shop, there was something for everyone! I have to admit, I did actually leave it pretty late in the Month and the only calendar that I liked, that didn't make my Bank Card Blow up, was the Feel Unique '12 Days of Unique Beauty' Advent Calendar.

4 December 2015

Back to Blogging!

I've never really been the most consistent Blogger.

Yes, I know. I'm probably stating the obvious but over the last few Months, I've felt really uninspired and my Life's got busy. Sometimes even too busy for me to keep a grasp of my sanity!

I wanted a place that I could document my Life through photos, rather than Vlogs. As much as I love watching Vlogs, there's something special about sitting down reading. Whether that's a good Book, the newspaper or a blog!


I've had this urge over the last few Weeks to redesign my Blog and I couldn't shake it. I've wanted to change the design and layout for a whiile and decided to just go for it!

I'll be writing a lot more regularly, as I now have time to dedicate to this Blog and my YouTube Channel! Which reminds me, I've been posting Vlogs from my Holiday away in Mexico, so if you want to see it, check out my Channel. (Linked here!) 

16 November 2015

All of the Updates..

Well, long time no Blog!
How're you guys doing?

I feel like this Blog has turned into a series of apologies and then updates.
I firstly want to say a massive thank you for sticking with this little Blog through everything. Through me moving House, going on Vacation, having the cold & fighting all the jetlag! I love this little community & honestly find it so amazing to know that I have your support!

21 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 14

Even though only a few Days have passed since the last 'Diary Entry', it again feels like an eternity has passed. Let me update you on the past Week!

Well my bed finally arrived! Yay! I am so in love with it. It's absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to start decorating my room with Fairy Lights and lots of copper! I'm obsessed with Copper at the moment! I was packing all afternoon for Mexico - I actually have the Flu at the moment but still can't help but smile at the thought of getting away for two whole Weeks!

15 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 8

Thursday 15th October - Day 8

11:08 AM - Well Solider, how goes the Day? It's only been a few Days but it feels like an eternity. Being honest, I haven't had a minute! I've finally got moved out! All I need to do is hand in my Keys sometime tomorrow and that's it!

We went up last night and collected the rest of my belongings and said goodbye. I did have a good cry. As much as living alone was not always easy and I was always stressing over Bills, I have some great memories from that little Flat.

12 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 5

Friday 9th October - Day 5

13:23 PM - Just received a call from my Letting Agent about someone coming to view my Flat. I don't necessary have to move out before then but I kind of want to!

The next few Days are going to be extremely stressful!

9 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 4

Thursday 8th October - Day 4

12:31 PM - Today is clothes packing Day! I also need to order my Bed today! Busy busy busy!

17:29 PM - I really wish this Day was more exciting but I've been reading all afternoon. Sometimes, we all just need a break from Life. Nearly finished it! 49 Chapters down, 16 to go!

19:45 PM - Just finished the Book! I love reading! I definitely become obsessed with the characters!

8 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 3

Tuesday 7th October - Day 3

12:35 PM - It must seem like I start these all so late. I actually forget at first! Happy Wednesday! Packing my Clothes today for moving!

The new 'Once Upon A Time' Episode is out which I literally cannot wait for! It's amazing!

13:23 PM - Just of the Phone with my Bank. Paid the last ever rent I will, in this little Flat. It feels so final! It's such a bittersweet moment!

13:48 PM - Need lunch. Can't be bothered to move. The struggle is real..

6 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 2

Monday 6th October - Day 2

12:31 AM - Just of the Phone with the Mother. We were just fangirling over how close Mexico is! 19 Days! Eeek!

12:32 PM - Currently listening to James Morrisons 'Once when I was little'. It's such a beautiful song. I miss being a kid sometimes! Everything was so much easier!

15:24 PM - Just looked at the time in my Mum's car. This Day has gone unbelievably fast!

5 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 1

Monday 5th October - Day 1

11:03 AM - Spent the last Hour emailing the Electricity, Gas and TV people telling them I'm moving out and closing down my account. It definitely feels weird! I don't think even now, it's hit me that I'm actually moving out. Bittersweet!

11:48 AM - STILL EMAILING. Save me!

16:22 PM - This Day has gone so quickly! Still replying to Emails about moving out! I was planning on packing my Clothes today but that will have to be postponed until tomorrow!

16:24 PM - Mum's coming round tonight! The weather was rubbish today! Constant rain so she's picking up a Fish Supper on the way up to mine! Yay! Happy Monday! :)

4 October 2015

Dear Diary... | The Prologue

Well, I bet you didn't expect to see me popping up this fine Sunday! 


If you haven't read my previous Post, I would advise checking it out first for some context to this Post! As I wrote recently, I've been finding it really difficult to keep up with writing Blogposts, my YouTube Videos, moving house as well as getting ready for my holidays. I've had to step back from this little Blog. I remember when I used to post almost everyday and now it's an achievement if I post twice a Week!

I love Blogging. Always have and probably always will. Yes, I have Days and Weeks where I have 'Bloggers Block' but when I'm loving my Blog, I'm LOVING it! I was recently given the idea from the lovely Louise's Blog to challenge myself.

2 October 2015

To Be Continued..

Today is going to be a pretty Word-heavy Blogpost. I hope you don't mind!

SO. How have you been? Let me know how you're doing!

You may be wondering what the title of this Post means, well..Simply put, I'm taking a little break from this Blog! I know, I know. You've probably heard it before but this is actually a planned break rather than me being just too busy to update you guys!

28 September 2015

Motivational Monday {28.9.15}

Last Week was abit crazy.

I've been clearing out my Room for moving and getting my new Room prepared! One Day last Week, my and my Mum went round to my family House and started to clear out her old Room/my New Room.

Upon clearing out the Room, we found Birthday Cards from little Amy (Aged 4!), pictures from Primary School and little pieces of my Childhood that had been forgotten! It was so nostalgic, sitting there at 20 Years old with a completely different perspective on life!

18 September 2015

Origins' Make a Difference Plus Moisturiser | Skincare Savior

Skincare is my obsession. Every time Sunday Riley releases a new Product, I have to investigate. I would almost go as far as to say, that I prefer skincare over Make-up! If you have a good Canvas for your Make-up, it makes all the difference! 

Last Summer, my Skin didn't like me very much! It broke out like crazy and I knew that there was only one brand who could help. Yes, you've guessed it! Origins.

16 September 2015

A 2-Day trip to Ireland | Someday Summary 4

Carlingford, County Louth, AKA my Second Home.

I love travelling. It's a huge part of my Life so when I was invited along for a spontaneous Day trip, I couldn't say no! Carlingford is just over the border into Southern Ireland, so it's only a few Hours drive from where I live but it felt like a mini-Vacation.

14 September 2015

Motivational Monday {14.9.15}

Another Monday, another Blogpost.
How was your Week?

Last Week for me, wasn't great. My anxiety has slowly been getting worse. I've had a million and one things on my Plate. I know everyone's busy and it's part of life but I'm so stressed at the moment that I even find it difficult to turn off my Brain!

I announced today that I will be taking some time off YouTube to focus on everything else going on. When I initially decided to move out of my Flat, I didn't think it would be difficult. I assumed that it would entail gathering up a few Books, Clothes, Ornaments and shoving them into a Box. SIMPLE!

Not quite.

The next few Months are going to be the busiest Months of my Life. There's so much more going that I don't share. I try to be as open as possible with you but believe or not, I am a private person.

9 September 2015

Meeting Marcus Butler {13.8.15}

This may be a slightly late Blogpost but if you don't follow my Channel *Ahem* then you might not know that I recently met Marcus Butler.

Yes. THEE Marcus Butler. With the 'Hellooooo' and the Book and all. Yes, him. I feel like this Post is almost as much for Me, as it is for you! I've miss documenting my Life and meeting Marcus, is a Day I want to remember!

Me and my best Friend, Megan met early on Thursday Morning. It was such a beautiful Day. Sun shining with about a million thoughts running through my Head. Anxiety. Excitement. We arrived at Eason's just before 11AM and the Shop was already really busy. We got our tickets and joined the queue! All I can say is thank goodness that we weren't one of the first to meet Marcus! I was a nervous wreck! Literally.

7 September 2015

Motivational Monday {7.9.15}

Welcome back to motivational Monday!

It's been a while! Recently, I had spoke about how busy my Life has been. Upon re-reading the Post, I felt like it came off slightly moany?! I wanted to clarify!

Even though I'm super busy at the moment and don't have a lot of time, I'm eternally grateful for everything. For being able to move, to go on Holiday, to have passions like my Channel and this Blog and to be able to fuel those passions every single Day!

This is my Background on my Laptop and is one of my favourite Quotes. Anytime that I can't be bothered editing that Video. replying to those Emails, I look at this Quote and remind myself that if I want to be successful, I have to work for it!

5 September 2015

Seriously Amy?


I would start this Blogpost off with an apology but honestly, I'm sure you've heard it one too many times! I have neglected this Blog. Not purposely, but Life has all of a sudden got extremely busy.

I'm moving House soon, which involves a lot of decorating, tidying, contracts etc. To add to the chaos, I'm also going on holiday right after I move! I know that seems great that I'm getting away from it all but honestly, trying to buy holidays clothes, in the middle of packing your life into Boxes, is not easy!
Along with moving, I've also been focusing a lot on my YouTube Channel. YouTube is something that I never talk about on the Blog. Mainly because my YouTube and my Blog, in my mind, are two completely separate passions of mine, which both require different levels of work.

12 August 2015

What I'm Wearing Wednesday {12.8.15}

Well hello, you lovely lot! Hope your Week's been good so far!

Today's an exciting Wednesday! I'm starting a new Series on this Blog, known as What I'm Wearing Wednesday! Can I get a 'Woo Hoo'..?

Thank you.

I'm just going to assume you cheered..

Moving on.

As you can probably tell by the title of this Series, each Week I'm going to bring you a new Outfit Post about what I've been wearing!

Okay..Here it goes. This Week in the UK, it was actually a lot colder, so comfy Clothes are a must!

This Week's Outfit, which I love to wear on casual Days, is this Plaid Shirt from New Look. It has long Sleeves and is really light so I find that wearing it open, over a long Black vest Top is perfect! It fits really nicely and goes with so many Outfits!

10 August 2015

You've got a Friend in Me.. | Motivational Monday {10.8.15}

Another Monday, another Motivational Post.
Yes, yes. I know I haven't posted a Motivational Monday in a while *Ahem*, but there is a very simple reason. I've lacked motivation.

Over the last few Weeks, I've had to make big life decisions. Many of them have involved me sitting in front of a Computer responding to Emails. At the end of the Day I've been so tired, sleep has won. 

Sleep always wins.

Basically, I've been very busy and to put the Cherry on top of the metaphorical Cake, I've been going through some really bad anxiety recently, which has been great. Can you sense the sarcasm?

Isn't this meant to be motivational? Good Job so far.

In saying that, even though my anxiety has been kicking my Ass recently, I've also noticed that this time I've had more strength. The main reason is because of the people in my Life. I've got these amazing friends and family who make me feel so supported, even on the worst Days. The reason that I wanted to share this is two-fold. The first, is to thank those who have been there. Thank you for all the late-Night Calls, my quietness, sometimes cancelling last minute and for cheering me up. I love you.

The second is because I wanted to give a message to anyone going through a mental illness - It does get better. we all have that one person in our life, who supports us and understands how we feel. Talk to them. Sometimes a chat can really help. If you have friends, you can get through anything. It won't happen overnight but having someone there to support you is key.

What's your one piece of advice for those going through a mental illness?

Love Always..

31 July 2015

What time do you call this?

Well hello you lovely lot.
It feels like forever since I've put Pen to Paper. Well..Hands to Keyboard?

It's been a crazy few Months.
I have so much to tell you but first off, if you have no idea of what's been going on, it's probably because you don't follow me on Twitter or aren't subscribed to my Channel, so make sure you do!

Right, now that we've got that out of the way, here's what's been going on, in the World of Amy Lauren..

1. Weight Loss Journey - I've been on a healthy lifestyle regime from May and so far, I've lost 3 stone! Can I get a mini-Mexican Wave?! WOO HOO! I still have a lot more to lose but I am super proud of myself! It wasn't easy but honestly, it is totally worth it!

2. My YouTube Channel - I've recently completely rebranded my Channel and if you are subscribed, you'll know I've been putting in a lot more effort into my Videos and am actually uploading Weekly now! It would be incredible if you could Subscribe and show your support! Here's a link to my Channel!

3. Travelling - Some of you may know, but I have been busy planning holidays for the end of this Year/Next spring! I am so excited and honestly, can't wait to document it all through this Blog and the YouTube Channel!

4. Playlist Live 2016 - Playlist Live is a YouTube convention held in Orlando, Florida every Year and I'm so excited to announce that I will be travelling over with 3 of my Best Friends on Youtube, for the convention, in April 2016!

5. New Friends - I've been making new friends and reconnecting with old ones! There's this incredible group of people going to Playlist and I'm honestly so excited. It's so refreshing when someone can be on the other side of the World but who has the same passion as you and when you have a Vision for a project, they just get it! It's rare to find someone who you feel like you've been friends with for a lifetime, when it's only been over a Year! Those are the friendships you need!

6. This Blog - It may seem like I have slightly neglected this little piece of the Interwebs but you might've noticed that I recently gave this Blog a little lick of Paint! I hope you like it! I go through these moments when I focus more on my YouTube and then my Blog. Right now, I'm trying to find that happy medium!

PHEW! That was a lot of information!

Give yourself a pat on the back if you made it all the way to the end of this Post!
What have you been up to recently? Let me know!

Love Always..

15 July 2015

My YouTube Channel!

I've never written much about my YouTube Channel.
In my Head, they are completely separate. My YouTube Channel is somewhere that I can voice my Opinions, thoughts and general ramblings. I'm able to try different editing styles, different types of Videos etc.

The Blog is different. If you could see how fast I was writing this Post, you'd get it. It makes more of a connection to the reader. I try to avoid a filter. I find this with other Blogs that I read, as well as when I read my old Posts!

Saying that, I feel that it's time to connect the two passions of my Life. YouTube and Blog! I have been making online Videos for roughly 2 Years. I had a beauty Channel until last Summer, when I decided to delete it and to start fresh. I started my current Channel, which I've had for over a Year.

You may be wondering why I only have a Handful of Videos on it. I had a lot more Videos but decided to delete them as I was making Videos but not enjoying it, as much. It took me a while to figure out the type of Videos that I want to make.
That brings us up to today. I don't know if many of you know about my Channel but I would really appreciate the blogging Community's support! The community has always been here for me and even more so than ever, it would be incredible if you could support me!

It would be amazing if you could head over to my Channel and click that Subscribe button! New Videos weekly, as a thank you!

Here is the Link! It would be amazing if you could click it!

Love Always..

7 July 2015

My Skin Saviour | First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

Skincare fascinates me. I've sais this before (Many times) but there's something about learning the science behind why you should put a certain ingredient on your Skin, has always fascinated me.

One of my favourite Blogs to read, is Mrs Caroline Hirons. I've mentioned her on here, on my Youtube channel and even got a retweet off her on Twitter (Which I was totally calm about, by the way..*Ahem*). She mentions a lot of products for many different Skin types so one Day, I decided to sit down and research the products she had recommended for my Skin type, which is Oily/Combination.

Upon some research, I found a little Gem known as the First Aid beauty Facial Radiance Pads, which is an Acid Toner. When I first heard the word 'Acid', I instantly thought that they weren't for me and honestly, they scared me. The thought of putting Acid on your Face, was quite Alien to me. I decided to give them a go as being a Blogger, they intrigued me.

13 June 2015

Inner Beauty

 Body Shaming.
It's became a thing on Social Media, over the last Year or so and it's something that I feel, I need to address.

Growing up, I was never really the most confident and honestly, I never really cared about my appearance. When I got to Grammar School, everything changed. I became very conscience of the people around and I felt like a VERY small Fish, in a massive Pond. Instead of changing my perspective, I changed my appearance. I starting wearing Make-up, straightened my Hair everyday and was always the loud, bubbly girl but it was all a cover.

In today's society, where body shaming is so apparent, I feel like it's time to speak out. Looking back now, I have changed so much. I now go out of the House without Make-up, I let my Hair dry naturally and I'm okay with myself.

One of the most important things in Life, is to love yourself, for who you are and who you can be. Be the best version of you and yes, it takes time. Over the last 5 Weeks, I've been clean-eating and it's made me appreciate the little things. Even when I'm doing my Workouts! The turning point for me was when I was in the middle of a Workout and I felt my Heart beating away.

We're all on this Earth, for a reason and it may take a bit of Time, to figure out why (I still am!) but that's okay.

This is a very rambly Blogpost but the conclusion is that you are beautiful, no matter what Shape or Size you are. You're only defined by you and you're message that you send out to the World. We should show the World that Inner Beauty is the most important thing!

Lots of Love..

23 May 2015

Dior Star Foundation | Review

When it comes to the more expensive Beauty brands, I have always gravitated towards Dior, ever since I bought my first Lipstick!

I recently went to Dior to get some Skin advice, as it's been temperamental recently. When the lovely Sales Rep was doing my Make-up, we were chatting about this Blog and some new releases from them. She mentioned in passing a new Foundation: Dior Star. I have to admit, I was instantly intrigued.

12 May 2015

All the Berries.. | Clean Eating #2

Today for breakfast I wanted to try something different and one of my favourite types of Fruit, are Berries. I love the taste, the colour and most importantly, the benefits to your health!

This is my recipe for Berries and Apple Smoothie!

Personally, I find that Fruit tends to go off really quickly on me so to avoid this, I decided to freeze my Fruit. I bought a frozen Berry mix which has Raspberries, Blackberries, Redcurrants and Blackcurrants. To that, I added some sliced Apple.

11 May 2015

Weekly Groceries | Clean Eating #1

Well, hello there you gorgeous lot!

Today I am starting a new Series on this Blog, which I want you's to get involved in.
I am to be going on a healthy eating regime from today and I wanted to record every aspect of it.

First in the series is my healthy eating grocery shop!

24 April 2015

Sunny Side Up | Someday Summary #3

Spring has sprung, Ladies and Gents! It's official!

Recently, myself and a few family members decided to get up early on a Saturday morning and head out for some Breakfast. It turned out to be one of the best Days of this Spring, so far!

We went to Harrison's of Greyabbey, on recommendation. It set right in the middle of the country and the scenery is simply stunning!

20 April 2015

Motivational Monday 2015 | Week 1

Well, hello there!

It's been a while since I've sat down and written one of these Blogposts and honestly, I've kind of missed them!

This past Week featured a lot of housework, administration and to-do Lists. I've really been trying to re-organise my Life and stop procrastinating. At times, this has not been easy (Especially with YouTube!). In saying that, I've also spent time with the family.

5 April 2015


Happy Easter guys!

My Easter Sunday was spent with my Mum, relaxing and chatting. I love moments like those and when she left for the Night, I felt inspired.

I just decided to spontaneously open my Blogger and write.

I feel like I definitely get the most inspiration from those who surround me: My family, my friends and the world. There is nothing better to me, than spending a day with my friends and family, out and about. There's something so simple yet, comforting about it. Just knowing that the people who you love are all there with you.

15 March 2015

Thank you Mum

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in everyday Life.
Thanks to technology today, everything is instant. It's quicker. Faster.

This means that we rarely have a chance to slow down and to look around. I know that I've done this in the past. I've put Work ahead of seeing Friends and Family. I was surviving but not really living my life. We all have that one person though, who through no matter what, is there holding our Hand.

In my case, it's my Mum. I love my Mum to pieces. She's seen me at my worst and I could tell her anything. I have countless memories with her and no matter how down I'm feeing, she can cheer me up instantly. Those are the kind of people that we all need in our lives! Those people who make your Life better, just by being in it. I went through a lot of depression last Year and she was incredible. I wouldn't have gotten through it without her. I can't thank her enough for everything that she's done.

She's my best friend, and frankly, we're more like a Sisters. We have girlie Nights in, travel adventures and nights out too! I know that people say that we should appreciate our Mother's every Day of the Year, not just on Mother's Day and I completely agree. Life can sometimes sweep us away but no matter what, I will always love my Mum!

This is just a little Post to say.. 

2 February 2015

Donegal Snippets

I've been having writer's block recently. I can officially confirm that it sucks.
Every time that I've opened Blogger, my mind just goes blank.

Today though, I feel refreshed and inspired. Thank goodness!
Before my Laptop broke, I had posted a couple of foodie Shots of my time away in Donegal.

Today, to ease me back into Blogging, I'm going to be sharing more!

The First few Days we headed off to Ballybofey which is a little Town slap bang in the middle of Londonderry and Donegal Town.
We decided to go to Glenveagh National Park which is surrounded by the Derryveagh Mountains. It's stunning!

 Admittedly, we choose a pretty rainy Day but it was actually more liberating. My hair got messy, my Make-up ran but I was care-free.

18 January 2015

Sunday Sadness

Ever get one of those Days when you just want to lie in your comfiest PJ's, Netflix on demand and unlimited Cookies?

That's me today. Seriously.

I've been having one of those Days where I'm just sad. It's not for any particular reason. I just feel down and bit lonely.

I know that this seems like a strange Post to put on the Internet, as most Lifestyle Bloggers always tend to be positive and happy. I guess that you could say that I'm not your typical Blogger. I don't have amazing Skin, a Beyonce Body or the confidence to do things like OOTD's.