18 January 2015

Sunday Sadness

Ever get one of those Days when you just want to lie in your comfiest PJ's, Netflix on demand and unlimited Cookies?

That's me today. Seriously.

I've been having one of those Days where I'm just sad. It's not for any particular reason. I just feel down and bit lonely.

I know that this seems like a strange Post to put on the Internet, as most Lifestyle Bloggers always tend to be positive and happy. I guess that you could say that I'm not your typical Blogger. I don't have amazing Skin, a Beyonce Body or the confidence to do things like OOTD's.

I started this Blog as a virtual Diary. To be honest, I didn't think anyone would read it or take the time to care. I thought that it would be lost in the Internet, only for my Eyes to see. I remember when I got my first follower. I was so excited that I ran into my Mum and told her. You would've thought that I had just been given a Million Pounds. To me, it was like a Million Pounds. Someone who was one the other side of the World took the time to read my thoughts and ramblings, and decided that they wanted to read more, so they followed.

I couldn't believe it. I seen my Blog grow into something that isn't just a Hobby for me anymore - It's a genuine passion. It sets me free and it gives me an outlet to process my thoughts on what's going on in my life at the time. I hope that one Day I will be able to follow my Dreams and write a Book to my younger self.

That's one of those questions that have always been answered in a silence when asked. 'What would you say to your Younger self?'. I can honestly say that I haven't the foggiest. If I really thought about it, I'm sure that I could pull some cheesy Quote from a Movie, but I won't. I've been thinking a lot about how I would sum up my Life, up until today. I would have to say complicated.

I have had so many positives, but mainly due to a negative thing that has happened before. For example, I realised that I would rather have 5 Best Friends who I can trust with anything, rather than 1,000 fake 'Friends'. I learnt this through getting stabbed in the back. I guess that you could say that if I hadn't have went through the pain, I never would have came out the other end stronger. I'd say that I would've preferred something a little less painful.

As you can tell, I'm in a very reflective Mood. I guess what I'm really trying to say is...


  1. So sorry you are feeling down. Some times we need to take those days to reflect. Just remember no matter how down you are feeling, someone is having way worse of a day. Chin up. Stay positive. (:

  2. I never left a comment on any blog I guess, but now I think I have to :)
    You should know, that I really like reading your posts and it makes me feel related to you when you write about something like you just did.
    I hope you're not feeling down for long but once in a while everyone is having a bad day, that's life... but it's getting better :)

  3. Would you like to follow each other via GFC? Let me know and I'll follow you back ASAP :)