15 March 2015

Thank you Mum

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in everyday Life.
Thanks to technology today, everything is instant. It's quicker. Faster.

This means that we rarely have a chance to slow down and to look around. I know that I've done this in the past. I've put Work ahead of seeing Friends and Family. I was surviving but not really living my life. We all have that one person though, who through no matter what, is there holding our Hand.

In my case, it's my Mum. I love my Mum to pieces. She's seen me at my worst and I could tell her anything. I have countless memories with her and no matter how down I'm feeing, she can cheer me up instantly. Those are the kind of people that we all need in our lives! Those people who make your Life better, just by being in it. I went through a lot of depression last Year and she was incredible. I wouldn't have gotten through it without her. I can't thank her enough for everything that she's done.

She's my best friend, and frankly, we're more like a Sisters. We have girlie Nights in, travel adventures and nights out too! I know that people say that we should appreciate our Mother's every Day of the Year, not just on Mother's Day and I completely agree. Life can sometimes sweep us away but no matter what, I will always love my Mum!

This is just a little Post to say.. 

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