23 May 2015

Dior Star Foundation | Review

When it comes to the more expensive Beauty brands, I have always gravitated towards Dior, ever since I bought my first Lipstick!

I recently went to Dior to get some Skin advice, as it's been temperamental recently. When the lovely Sales Rep was doing my Make-up, we were chatting about this Blog and some new releases from them. She mentioned in passing a new Foundation: Dior Star. I have to admit, I was instantly intrigued.

12 May 2015

All the Berries.. | Clean Eating #2

Today for breakfast I wanted to try something different and one of my favourite types of Fruit, are Berries. I love the taste, the colour and most importantly, the benefits to your health!

This is my recipe for Berries and Apple Smoothie!

Personally, I find that Fruit tends to go off really quickly on me so to avoid this, I decided to freeze my Fruit. I bought a frozen Berry mix which has Raspberries, Blackberries, Redcurrants and Blackcurrants. To that, I added some sliced Apple.

11 May 2015

Weekly Groceries | Clean Eating #1

Well, hello there you gorgeous lot!

Today I am starting a new Series on this Blog, which I want you's to get involved in.
I am to be going on a healthy eating regime from today and I wanted to record every aspect of it.

First in the series is my healthy eating grocery shop!