11 May 2015

Weekly Groceries | Clean Eating #1

Well, hello there you gorgeous lot!

Today I am starting a new Series on this Blog, which I want you's to get involved in.
I am to be going on a healthy eating regime from today and I wanted to record every aspect of it.

First in the series is my healthy eating grocery shop!

 I also got lots of Meat, such as Beef, Pork and Salmon but I wasn't sure if you guys wanted to see raw Meat on the Blog! What's in your Fridge?

Love Always...


  1. I really like this. I eat so poorly, and I like to get inspired by other people who have motivated and started eating better!

    1. Happy to be able to inspire you! X.

  2. I've just started Slimming World so my shopping is mainly healthy (a few odd treats for the husband!) Top shelf loads of Mullerlite Yogurts, natural yogurt, quark, fromage frais, cottage cheese- all great to use in low fat recipes Next shelf, lean bacon, eggs ( by the dozen!), raspberries. Next shelf, gherkins, cooked meat, beetroot. Next shelf, salad, veg such as courgettes & baby sweet corn, sugar free squash. Bottom shelf, apples, sparkling water. Two drawers full of other salad stuff and potatoes, onions etc. The freezer part has plenty of fresh frozen meat, frozen veg, fish and some wholemeal bread. Good luck with your healthy eating. Once you get sugar out your system, it's a lot easier x

    1. Wow! Thank you for the inspiration Val! You're so right! The first few Days are the hardest but it tends to get easier from then on! :) X.