13 June 2015

Inner Beauty

 Body Shaming.
It's became a thing on Social Media, over the last Year or so and it's something that I feel, I need to address.

Growing up, I was never really the most confident and honestly, I never really cared about my appearance. When I got to Grammar School, everything changed. I became very conscience of the people around and I felt like a VERY small Fish, in a massive Pond. Instead of changing my perspective, I changed my appearance. I starting wearing Make-up, straightened my Hair everyday and was always the loud, bubbly girl but it was all a cover.

In today's society, where body shaming is so apparent, I feel like it's time to speak out. Looking back now, I have changed so much. I now go out of the House without Make-up, I let my Hair dry naturally and I'm okay with myself.

One of the most important things in Life, is to love yourself, for who you are and who you can be. Be the best version of you and yes, it takes time. Over the last 5 Weeks, I've been clean-eating and it's made me appreciate the little things. Even when I'm doing my Workouts! The turning point for me was when I was in the middle of a Workout and I felt my Heart beating away.

We're all on this Earth, for a reason and it may take a bit of Time, to figure out why (I still am!) but that's okay.

This is a very rambly Blogpost but the conclusion is that you are beautiful, no matter what Shape or Size you are. You're only defined by you and you're message that you send out to the World. We should show the World that Inner Beauty is the most important thing!

Lots of Love..

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  1. This is the truest thing I've read all day! <3