15 July 2015

My YouTube Channel!

I've never written much about my YouTube Channel.
In my Head, they are completely separate. My YouTube Channel is somewhere that I can voice my Opinions, thoughts and general ramblings. I'm able to try different editing styles, different types of Videos etc.

The Blog is different. If you could see how fast I was writing this Post, you'd get it. It makes more of a connection to the reader. I try to avoid a filter. I find this with other Blogs that I read, as well as when I read my old Posts!

Saying that, I feel that it's time to connect the two passions of my Life. YouTube and Blog! I have been making online Videos for roughly 2 Years. I had a beauty Channel until last Summer, when I decided to delete it and to start fresh. I started my current Channel, which I've had for over a Year.

You may be wondering why I only have a Handful of Videos on it. I had a lot more Videos but decided to delete them as I was making Videos but not enjoying it, as much. It took me a while to figure out the type of Videos that I want to make.
That brings us up to today. I don't know if many of you know about my Channel but I would really appreciate the blogging Community's support! The community has always been here for me and even more so than ever, it would be incredible if you could support me!

It would be amazing if you could head over to my Channel and click that Subscribe button! New Videos weekly, as a thank you!

Here is the Link! It would be amazing if you could click it!

Love Always..

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