10 August 2015

You've got a Friend in Me.. | Motivational Monday {10.8.15}

Another Monday, another Motivational Post.
Yes, yes. I know I haven't posted a Motivational Monday in a while *Ahem*, but there is a very simple reason. I've lacked motivation.

Over the last few Weeks, I've had to make big life decisions. Many of them have involved me sitting in front of a Computer responding to Emails. At the end of the Day I've been so tired, sleep has won. 

Sleep always wins.

Basically, I've been very busy and to put the Cherry on top of the metaphorical Cake, I've been going through some really bad anxiety recently, which has been great. Can you sense the sarcasm?

Isn't this meant to be motivational? Good Job so far.

In saying that, even though my anxiety has been kicking my Ass recently, I've also noticed that this time I've had more strength. The main reason is because of the people in my Life. I've got these amazing friends and family who make me feel so supported, even on the worst Days. The reason that I wanted to share this is two-fold. The first, is to thank those who have been there. Thank you for all the late-Night Calls, my quietness, sometimes cancelling last minute and for cheering me up. I love you.

The second is because I wanted to give a message to anyone going through a mental illness - It does get better. we all have that one person in our life, who supports us and understands how we feel. Talk to them. Sometimes a chat can really help. If you have friends, you can get through anything. It won't happen overnight but having someone there to support you is key.

What's your one piece of advice for those going through a mental illness?

Love Always..

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