28 September 2015

Motivational Monday {28.9.15}

Last Week was abit crazy.

I've been clearing out my Room for moving and getting my new Room prepared! One Day last Week, my and my Mum went round to my family House and started to clear out her old Room/my New Room.

Upon clearing out the Room, we found Birthday Cards from little Amy (Aged 4!), pictures from Primary School and little pieces of my Childhood that had been forgotten! It was so nostalgic, sitting there at 20 Years old with a completely different perspective on life!

18 September 2015

Origins' Make a Difference Plus Moisturiser | Skincare Savior

Skincare is my obsession. Every time Sunday Riley releases a new Product, I have to investigate. I would almost go as far as to say, that I prefer skincare over Make-up! If you have a good Canvas for your Make-up, it makes all the difference! 

Last Summer, my Skin didn't like me very much! It broke out like crazy and I knew that there was only one brand who could help. Yes, you've guessed it! Origins.

16 September 2015

A 2-Day trip to Ireland | Someday Summary 4

Carlingford, County Louth, AKA my Second Home.

I love travelling. It's a huge part of my Life so when I was invited along for a spontaneous Day trip, I couldn't say no! Carlingford is just over the border into Southern Ireland, so it's only a few Hours drive from where I live but it felt like a mini-Vacation.

14 September 2015

Motivational Monday {14.9.15}

Another Monday, another Blogpost.
How was your Week?

Last Week for me, wasn't great. My anxiety has slowly been getting worse. I've had a million and one things on my Plate. I know everyone's busy and it's part of life but I'm so stressed at the moment that I even find it difficult to turn off my Brain!

I announced today that I will be taking some time off YouTube to focus on everything else going on. When I initially decided to move out of my Flat, I didn't think it would be difficult. I assumed that it would entail gathering up a few Books, Clothes, Ornaments and shoving them into a Box. SIMPLE!

Not quite.

The next few Months are going to be the busiest Months of my Life. There's so much more going that I don't share. I try to be as open as possible with you but believe or not, I am a private person.

9 September 2015

Meeting Marcus Butler {13.8.15}

This may be a slightly late Blogpost but if you don't follow my Channel *Ahem* then you might not know that I recently met Marcus Butler.

Yes. THEE Marcus Butler. With the 'Hellooooo' and the Book and all. Yes, him. I feel like this Post is almost as much for Me, as it is for you! I've miss documenting my Life and meeting Marcus, is a Day I want to remember!

Me and my best Friend, Megan met early on Thursday Morning. It was such a beautiful Day. Sun shining with about a million thoughts running through my Head. Anxiety. Excitement. We arrived at Eason's just before 11AM and the Shop was already really busy. We got our tickets and joined the queue! All I can say is thank goodness that we weren't one of the first to meet Marcus! I was a nervous wreck! Literally.

7 September 2015

Motivational Monday {7.9.15}

Welcome back to motivational Monday!

It's been a while! Recently, I had spoke about how busy my Life has been. Upon re-reading the Post, I felt like it came off slightly moany?! I wanted to clarify!

Even though I'm super busy at the moment and don't have a lot of time, I'm eternally grateful for everything. For being able to move, to go on Holiday, to have passions like my Channel and this Blog and to be able to fuel those passions every single Day!

This is my Background on my Laptop and is one of my favourite Quotes. Anytime that I can't be bothered editing that Video. replying to those Emails, I look at this Quote and remind myself that if I want to be successful, I have to work for it!

5 September 2015

Seriously Amy?


I would start this Blogpost off with an apology but honestly, I'm sure you've heard it one too many times! I have neglected this Blog. Not purposely, but Life has all of a sudden got extremely busy.

I'm moving House soon, which involves a lot of decorating, tidying, contracts etc. To add to the chaos, I'm also going on holiday right after I move! I know that seems great that I'm getting away from it all but honestly, trying to buy holidays clothes, in the middle of packing your life into Boxes, is not easy!
Along with moving, I've also been focusing a lot on my YouTube Channel. YouTube is something that I never talk about on the Blog. Mainly because my YouTube and my Blog, in my mind, are two completely separate passions of mine, which both require different levels of work.