16 September 2015

A 2-Day trip to Ireland | Someday Summary 4

Carlingford, County Louth, AKA my Second Home.

I love travelling. It's a huge part of my Life so when I was invited along for a spontaneous Day trip, I couldn't say no! Carlingford is just over the border into Southern Ireland, so it's only a few Hours drive from where I live but it felt like a mini-Vacation.

We went down for the Day as we'd heard a lot of friends recommending it and speaking of it's beauty. I've been to Southern Ireland a lot. Donegal, Waterford, Dublin, Mayo. You name it, but I was completely stunned by the beauty of this place. It was this quaint little Town that made you feel instantly welcome with it's Pubs, Tea Rooms, Ferris Wheel and the little Hotel!

We had originally thought of it as just a Day trip but something told us not to leave. We decided to casually enquire with the Hotel, to see if there were any Vacancies. One Room left. We booked it there and then!

What was meant to be a Day trip, had randomly turned into an overnight stay!

I didn't take many Photos when I was there because we weren't expecting to stay overnight. Infact, I didn't even bring my DSLR Camera! It was really nice to get away from the internet and the stress of everyday Life.
We explored the Town, walked along the Bay, had Ice Cream and enjoyed the peace!

That Night, we got dinner in the Hotel and it was honestly one of the nicest Meals I've ever had! The Rooms were slightly basic but what it lacked in Decor, it certainly made up for in the Food! The Cream of Vegetable Soup was amazing! We ended the mini-Vacation off, by visiting the Beach. Simply stunning! I cannot wait to go back to Carlingford and I even said that I would love to live there someday!

Have you been on a Vacation this Year?

Love Always...


  1. beautiful photos lovely! This place looks incredible! :)


  2. Such amazing views! I wish I got to see such places every day! :D