9 September 2015

Meeting Marcus Butler {13.8.15}

This may be a slightly late Blogpost but if you don't follow my Channel *Ahem* then you might not know that I recently met Marcus Butler.

Yes. THEE Marcus Butler. With the 'Hellooooo' and the Book and all. Yes, him. I feel like this Post is almost as much for Me, as it is for you! I've miss documenting my Life and meeting Marcus, is a Day I want to remember!

Me and my best Friend, Megan met early on Thursday Morning. It was such a beautiful Day. Sun shining with about a million thoughts running through my Head. Anxiety. Excitement. We arrived at Eason's just before 11AM and the Shop was already really busy. We got our tickets and joined the queue! All I can say is thank goodness that we weren't one of the first to meet Marcus! I was a nervous wreck! Literally.

 The Venue was incredibly organised and it made me feel less anxious as soon as I seen the set-up. This was my first ever YouTuber Meet-up and I honestly didn't know what to expect but the event was ran so professionally and there weren't any issues!

It was then time to meet Marcus!

Yep. Still not over that Picture. It feels so surreal.

Marcus was so lovely and he reminded of an older Brother. We talked about how tall he was compared to me (At 5ft 2 - Marcus is a whole foot taller!). He laughed about it and then we got a few selfies! It was amazing!

It's strange how a 2 Minute conversation with someone can inspire you so much. Marcus was so humble and seemed to really care about each viewers interaction with him. It has reminded me to always stay humble and be consistent. He really is the epitome of a hard-worker and he deserves all success.

After meeting him, we decided that we needed a sit down and some food! For lunch, I got THEE biggest Salad ever! It was the Italian Chicken Salad from O'Brien's! It was delicious but there was so much Chicken!

We then went to Victoria Square, which is a Shopping Centre and they had an Alice in Wonderland themed set-up! There was a Maze and the Mad Hatters Tea Party! We loved it!

The whole Day was amazing! I vlogged as well, which some of you YouTube lovers, might prefer! Here it is!

Love Always..


  1. That's lovely you got to meet someone that inspires so! You seem like you had the best time ever.

    - www.veebzboo.com

  2. So lucky you were able to meet Marcus - it sounds like you had an amazing time! Love your blog girl x

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk