7 September 2015

Motivational Monday {7.9.15}

Welcome back to motivational Monday!

It's been a while! Recently, I had spoke about how busy my Life has been. Upon re-reading the Post, I felt like it came off slightly moany?! I wanted to clarify!

Even though I'm super busy at the moment and don't have a lot of time, I'm eternally grateful for everything. For being able to move, to go on Holiday, to have passions like my Channel and this Blog and to be able to fuel those passions every single Day!

This is my Background on my Laptop and is one of my favourite Quotes. Anytime that I can't be bothered editing that Video. replying to those Emails, I look at this Quote and remind myself that if I want to be successful, I have to work for it!

I'm so thankful to all those who put up with my stressing! I know some of you are back to School, so I would advise you to remind yourself: If you want to achieve your Dreams, work for it!

It's not easy but it is worth it!

Until next Monday! Love Always..

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