18 September 2015

Origins' Make a Difference Plus Moisturiser | Skincare Savior

Skincare is my obsession. Every time Sunday Riley releases a new Product, I have to investigate. I would almost go as far as to say, that I prefer skincare over Make-up! If you have a good Canvas for your Make-up, it makes all the difference! 

Last Summer, my Skin didn't like me very much! It broke out like crazy and I knew that there was only one brand who could help. Yes, you've guessed it! Origins.

I've always loved Origins, every since I bought their first product, which I still rave about to this Day.  (FYI - Origins Super Spot remover is by far, the Bee Knees.) I needed a moisturiser to effectively calm my Skin down but also wouldn't clog up my pores.

There's nothing worse than a clogged Pore. Yes, I did just write that.

When I found this little moisturiser, I tried it out and it seemed perfect! My initial thoughts were on point (For once!). This Moisturiser is purely brilliant. It's a super lightweight formula so when I used it on a (humid!) summers night, it actually soaked in! It's quick-absorbing, which is always good for those mornings when you literally have NO time whatsoever to apply make-up and above all, it really did moisturise my Skin and got rid of redness. Yay!

The main reason that I wanted to write this Post, was because I have had this little moisturiser for over a Year and it's only just ran out a few Days ago. The main reason is because a little goes a long way of this moisturiser, which impresses me even more that it can make such a difference!

Probably why they called it 'Make a difference', right? It is slightly more expensive than your standard moisturise but it last longer and honestly, leaves your Skin looking fabulous!

I would recommend this to anyone whose Skin isn't behaving! Have you ever tried this?

Love Always..

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  1. Ok, I really am going to have to try this origins product because I keep hearing good things about it! Don't know why I've waited this long to try it lol