5 September 2015

Seriously Amy?


I would start this Blogpost off with an apology but honestly, I'm sure you've heard it one too many times! I have neglected this Blog. Not purposely, but Life has all of a sudden got extremely busy.

I'm moving House soon, which involves a lot of decorating, tidying, contracts etc. To add to the chaos, I'm also going on holiday right after I move! I know that seems great that I'm getting away from it all but honestly, trying to buy holidays clothes, in the middle of packing your life into Boxes, is not easy!
Along with moving, I've also been focusing a lot on my YouTube Channel. YouTube is something that I never talk about on the Blog. Mainly because my YouTube and my Blog, in my mind, are two completely separate passions of mine, which both require different levels of work.

YouTube has consumed me recently. I'm working on a few different projects, which I'm excited to share. They do, however, require time, energy and love. I want to make these projects as brilliant as possible but that does require commitment and some sacrifice. Namely, this Blog or should I say, the time to write on this Blog!

I'm so grateful for you who read, comment on, and support this Blog. I've given myself a goal, that between now and my holiday, I'm aiming for three Blogposts a Week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as well as there being a new Video up on my Channel every Sunday!


Thank you for your continued support! Love Always..

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