5 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 1

Monday 5th October - Day 1

11:03 AM - Spent the last Hour emailing the Electricity, Gas and TV people telling them I'm moving out and closing down my account. It definitely feels weird! I don't think even now, it's hit me that I'm actually moving out. Bittersweet!

11:48 AM - STILL EMAILING. Save me!

16:22 PM - This Day has gone so quickly! Still replying to Emails about moving out! I was planning on packing my Clothes today but that will have to be postponed until tomorrow!

16:24 PM - Mum's coming round tonight! The weather was rubbish today! Constant rain so she's picking up a Fish Supper on the way up to mine! Yay! Happy Monday! :)
16:25 PM - Loving Ellie Goulding's new song, 'On my Mind'. It's FAB.

17:00 PM - Messy Bun, Zero Makeup and a warm Sweater!

21:11 PM - Just back from my granny and granda's House! We had dinner and then watched some Tv. It was nice to not stress about everything swimming around in my head for a little while! I really do love my family!

21:12 PM - Catching up on the Michalak Vlogs! The Videos they make are so beautifully edited! The perfect end to a slightly stressful Day!

Love Always..

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