9 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 4

Thursday 8th October - Day 4

12:31 PM - Today is clothes packing Day! I also need to order my Bed today! Busy busy busy!

17:29 PM - I really wish this Day was more exciting but I've been reading all afternoon. Sometimes, we all just need a break from Life. Nearly finished it! 49 Chapters down, 16 to go!

19:45 PM - Just finished the Book! I love reading! I definitely become obsessed with the characters!

22:32 PM - This Day has definitely been a massive 'Dear Diary' Fail! I have literally just been reading all Day and researching Beds. I have to order my Bed for my new Bedroom, tomorrow! I never knew choosing a Bed would be so confusing!

Really tired now - Lying in Bed watching YouTube. It's almost became a little ritual of mine, that after Dinner, I put Doctor Who or some YouTube on n the background and go on Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter and just see what's going on!

22:35 PM - Goodnight guys! Hope you've had a good Thursday!

23:01 PM - Watching Doctor Who, FYI. Night!

Love Always..

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