15 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 8

Thursday 15th October - Day 8

11:08 AM - Well Solider, how goes the Day? It's only been a few Days but it feels like an eternity. Being honest, I haven't had a minute! I've finally got moved out! All I need to do is hand in my Keys sometime tomorrow and that's it!

We went up last night and collected the rest of my belongings and said goodbye. I did have a good cry. As much as living alone was not always easy and I was always stressing over Bills, I have some great memories from that little Flat.

One of the memories that stands out is when my best friend and I came Home from a Night out. She sat their removing her make-up and we had a deep chat about everything. Boys, Boobies, Bad Friends. Everything. Even thinking about it gets me emotional.

11:13 AM - Countdown to Mexico - 10 Days. Where has the time gone? I think we've skipped a few Weeks. I've only got unpacked from moving out and into the new Place, never mind actually having to pack up again! I have a funny feeling though, that packing for going away is a lot better than for moving House!

Just a feeling..
11:19 AM - I got my bed ordered (Finally!). It's coming in 5 Days! Woo Hoo! I'm only going to be using the Bed for a few Days then I'm off to Mexico! Not that I'm complaining!

11:30 AM - Listening to Meghan Trainor's Album!

20:50 PM - It's now night time which means time to crawl into Bed and watch some YouTube! Got a Pair of jeans today and am totally in Love!


Love Always..

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