12 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 5

Friday 9th October - Day 5

13:23 PM - Just received a call from my Letting Agent about someone coming to view my Flat. I don't necessary have to move out before then but I kind of want to!

The next few Days are going to be extremely stressful!

15:24 PM - Just sitting down now to order my new Bed! Have been arranging my Clothes all morning so atlas that's them!

15:28 PM - Going to order my Bed now and then will get back to cleaning! It's going to be a long Day!

17:41 PM - I wasn't wrong about this being a long Day! I have literally been stressing over everything. From ordering Beds to letting agents! I honestly don't think I'll
Ever be moving House again! It is far to stressful..

Love Always..

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