8 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 3

Tuesday 7th October - Day 3

12:35 PM - It must seem like I start these all so late. I actually forget at first! Happy Wednesday! Packing my Clothes today for moving!

The new 'Once Upon A Time' Episode is out which I literally cannot wait for! It's amazing!

13:23 PM - Just of the Phone with my Bank. Paid the last ever rent I will, in this little Flat. It feels so final! It's such a bittersweet moment!

13:48 PM - Need lunch. Can't be bothered to move. The struggle is real..

15:25 PM - Just watched the newest 'Once Upon a Time' - Loved it! The Sun is also blinding me right now! So sunny!

17:02 PM - Just tried to get tickets for Zoe Sugg's Book signing. Unfortunately, I'm in London! Ironic how we're both in each others neck of the Woods! She's in Ireland, while I'm in England!

21:11 PM - How has this Day passed by so quickly? Watching Doctor Who! About to get some Dinner! Never have I been more excited for Fish Fingers and Peas. Yes, I am a little Kid at Heart!

22:00 PM - Thinking of changing my Hair! Thinking of getting alot off the length! Something like this!

Love always..

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