6 October 2015

Dear Diary | Day 2

Monday 6th October - Day 2

12:31 AM - Just of the Phone with the Mother. We were just fangirling over how close Mexico is! 19 Days! Eeek!

12:32 PM - Currently listening to James Morrisons 'Once when I was little'. It's such a beautiful song. I miss being a kid sometimes! Everything was so much easier!

15:24 PM - Just looked at the time in my Mum's car. This Day has gone unbelievably fast!

17:00 PM - Went for Dinner at one of my favourite restaurants currently. I had Spicy Crab cakes with Salsa and an assortment of Breads. Delicious!

22:52 PM - I am SOOO tired! We want to M&S and I got some Ren and Pixi Skincare. I took me a good 20 minutes to get into the packaging of the Ren Cleanser! Can't wait to see how well it works!

22:53 PM - Watching some YouTube videos. So tired! Night World!

Love always..

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