4 October 2015

Dear Diary... | The Prologue

Well, I bet you didn't expect to see me popping up this fine Sunday! 


If you haven't read my previous Post, I would advise checking it out first for some context to this Post! As I wrote recently, I've been finding it really difficult to keep up with writing Blogposts, my YouTube Videos, moving house as well as getting ready for my holidays. I've had to step back from this little Blog. I remember when I used to post almost everyday and now it's an achievement if I post twice a Week!

I love Blogging. Always have and probably always will. Yes, I have Days and Weeks where I have 'Bloggers Block' but when I'm loving my Blog, I'm LOVING it! I was recently given the idea from the lovely Louise's Blog to challenge myself.

Instead of writing formal Blog reviews, I'm going to attempt to write on this Blog every Weekday for the next 2 Weeks in a 'Dear Diary' style. These Blogposts are going to be short, sweet and a basic rundown of that Day.

I started this Blog primarily for beauty and fashion Posts but honestly, for me now it's more of a lifestyle Blog - Kind of like a virtual Diary but with Pictures! I can look back on last Easter and remember where I went and who with - That's what I love about blogging!

Starting from tomorrow, check back here every night around 7PM, for a little snippet into that Day!
Let me know what you think!

Love Always..

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