2 October 2015

To Be Continued..

Today is going to be a pretty Word-heavy Blogpost. I hope you don't mind!

SO. How have you been? Let me know how you're doing!

You may be wondering what the title of this Post means, well..Simply put, I'm taking a little break from this Blog! I know, I know. You've probably heard it before but this is actually a planned break rather than me being just too busy to update you guys!

October is one of the busiest Months EVER. I'm moving House. Did I mention that?
Yes, I may have mentioned it once or twice but it's beyond stressful. I never noticed it when I moved out of my family Home but for some reason when you're renting, there's so much more admin! Ringing Landlords, Letting Agents, packing, getting security deposits back. 


I actually thought that I would be moved out by the time I'm writing this but thankfully, I left myself a few Weeks spare incase of well..this. Dates get pushed back, delays in getting moved into the new Home and general LIFE getting in the way! Sounds fun, right?

Along with moving over my entire Life, I'm also going on Holiday at the end of October. 
Two Weeks away. All inclusive. A Spa. What could be better? I'm counting down the Days. Literally. I have a countdown App on my Phone!

I'm so grateful that I'm going away - This Year has been so strange. It's been 50/50 'Sunshine and Showers'. I think getting away from normality for a bit, will really do me the World of good!

Going back to my original point.
Wow, I really can ramble sometimes.

I will be trying to post as often as possible in the next few Weeks, but be prepared for a lack of Posts for the next month or so. I really want to get back into Blogging regularly, especially with Outfit and Christmas inspired Posts but do bare with me! This month is crazy!

I guess that's the ramble over.
Thanks for listening to me!

Love Always..

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