16 November 2015

All of the Updates..

Well, long time no Blog!
How're you guys doing?

I feel like this Blog has turned into a series of apologies and then updates.
I firstly want to say a massive thank you for sticking with this little Blog through everything. Through me moving House, going on Vacation, having the cold & fighting all the jetlag! I love this little community & honestly find it so amazing to know that I have your support!

Second..I'M BACK! Yes, yes, I know I've wrote this before but honestly, I feel like having the two weeks away really has given me a new lease of life for writing! As soon as I came back from Mexico, I instantly wanted to sit down & begin editing YouTube Videos and writing Blogposts! I miss writing reviews so there will definitely be a lot more reviews coming in the next month!

Third, I got my Hair chopped short! If you read my last Post, you'll know that I was debating getting it shorter so I decided to just go for it! I also got a lot more Blonde! I needed a change and I'm so happy with it!

Last but not least, I will be uploading a Post all about Mexico but if you want to know what my first Week was like, you can check out my Vlogs over on my Channel! Here's the first one! I also want to know the type of Posts you want to see on this Blog! I have lots of ideas for Christmas themed Posts but would love your input! Let me know in the comments!

Love Always..

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