28 December 2015

Anna Saccone x Stilnest Jewellery | The Perfect Gift

The SacconeJoly's are one of the first Family vloggers I ever watched.
I remember watching my first Video of Anna's and wanting to become put of that same positive community. They were one of the reasons why I started YouTube!

When I first heard that Anna was releasing Jewellery, I instantly knew that I needed to check these out! As soon as they were released, I bought one and it arrived as an early Christmas present!

The range itself is made up of the 12 Zodiac signs and are available in various lengths. There are three different colours available in the range: Silver, Gold and a Rose Gold, all of which are sandblasted and beautifully made. Each Necklace is specifically designed for you. You choose everything for your Necklace!

Being born in January, I got myself the Capricorn sign, which I love! All the Zodiac signs are gorgeous and you can tell that a lot of thought, love and dedication has been put into each and every sign.

Price-wise, these are a little bit more expensive than your standard Necklace but you'll definitely get your moneys worth! Each Necklace is specifically designed and goes through a finishing process that involves the 925 Silver being sandblasted for the best quality. These little necklaces will last a lifetime!

Overall, I have fallen completely in love with this range and hope to see more products added to it! Not only is it nice, if you want to treat yourself, but it's also a beautiful Gift for someone special. Even if you're not sure what colour or length to get, Stilnest are offering Gift Vouchers as well! You can't go wrong! Well done Anna, on such a beautiful range!

What do you think of these Neckalces?

Love Always, Amy x


  1. I also love the SacconeJolys and the necklace is adorable! Also looks great quality :)

    1. They really are a great quality! Would totally recommend! :) X

  2. Great post :) I have ordered mine and waiting on it now - how long did yours take to arrive?
    Imogen x