4 December 2015

Back to Blogging!

I've never really been the most consistent Blogger.

Yes, I know. I'm probably stating the obvious but over the last few Months, I've felt really uninspired and my Life's got busy. Sometimes even too busy for me to keep a grasp of my sanity!

I wanted a place that I could document my Life through photos, rather than Vlogs. As much as I love watching Vlogs, there's something special about sitting down reading. Whether that's a good Book, the newspaper or a blog!


I've had this urge over the last few Weeks to redesign my Blog and I couldn't shake it. I've wanted to change the design and layout for a whiile and decided to just go for it!

I'll be writing a lot more regularly, as I now have time to dedicate to this Blog and my YouTube Channel! Which reminds me, I've been posting Vlogs from my Holiday away in Mexico, so if you want to see it, check out my Channel. (Linked here!) 

The Design itself was made by Dana over at Envye. She helped me through the process and I would recommend her in a heartbeat! There may be a few teething issues with Photo Sizes but I'll be working on that!

I hope you like the new Blog design! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Speak soon!

Love Always, Amy x


  1. I love the blog design, so clear and professional!

    Also I completely know where you're coming from, despite having consistantly read blogs for 6 or 7 years I never manage to keep mine going...

    Much love, Fi xx --http://ilovetosaywhatever.blogspot.ie/

    1. Awh thanks Fi! :) It's weird isn't? I think because we've been blogging for Years, we tend to get more bloggers' block! Haha xx