4 January 2016

Goodbye 2015!

Another year has gone. Where did this Year go? Seriously?
It feels like yesterday that I was blogging about the crisp Spring Air and now, we're in 2016!

It's became somewhat of a tradition on this Blog to post a recap of the previous Year and toast to the beginning of a new one. So without further ado..this was 2015.

2015 began with some challenges. My Anxiety had reached a point where I was at a loss. Living with a Mental Illness is not only emotionally draining, but physically. I've had depression before but the anxiety was different this time. If I hadn't of had my family, I would've lost my Mind. Honestly, it was one of toughest times of my Life.

It all changed when my Birthday came around though. I hadn't wanted to celebrate my Birthday but in the end, had dinner with a few friends. I have to admit, chatting with old and new friends, really helped. It began to make me realise that I had this support system. I was so determined to get through the anxiety on my own, that I didn't realise that part of me beating it, was having loved ones around, even if it was just to offer Words of encouragment.

My friends and family were my Rock. By the time Spring had sprung, I was feeling more like myself. We had more 'family Days'. More Picnics, more Fish n' Chips by the Sea, more Happy Days. Those are the Days that I didn't document, simply because it was nice to just put down the Camera and be in the moment.

Summer 2015 was truly amazing and one that I'll never forget! Not only did I book flights to a YouTube Convention but that was all because I made three of the best friends from YouTube. Those are Words that I never thought I'd write!

I've been watching YouTube for almost 3 Years and have seen best friends come out of it, such as Zoe and Louise or Alfie and Marcus but I never thought, in a million Years, that I'd have a friendship like that. A friendship where you could tell that person anything and be your true self with, without feeling judged. That's a friendship that I feel so blessed to say that I have.

I have these three incredible people, who I'm meeting this Year in person at Playlist Live, which I couldn't be more excited for! I began making YouTube videos because I loved YouTube and wanted to become part of the community. I've gained so much more than casual friends. I've gained three best friends and I know we'll be in each others' lives for a very long time. I love them.

Last Summer, I also decided to finally start a health regime. I've went on diets before which never worked and frankly, I gained weight when I fell off the Diet Wagon, so I decided to try losing weight the old fashioned way. Simply by eating well, drinking Water and exercising. No fad Diets. Just clean eating. Sitting here at the beginning of 2016, three Stone lighter, I have to admit..IT WORKS! I takes a lot of dedication, sweat and sometimes tears but it's worth it! Losing weight is something that I can't wait to work on, in 2016!

As well as working hard on my Weight, I did also take some time away from the Internet for a few Days. I went down to Carlingford, in the South of Ireland for a few Days peace and quiet. It's amazing how a 3 Hour trip down the Road, can help clear your Head of all the distractions at Home. I really needed it.

The end of Summer was just as memorable, when my best friend, Megan and myself met Marcus Butler! Meeting Marcus was a huge thing for me, as he was the first YouTuber I'd ever met in person and he rekindled my love for content creating. He reminded me to always stay humble and to be true to myself.

At the beginning of Autumn, I decided I wanted a change, so I decided to chop off my Hair! My Hair's always been long and I loved it but had gotten bored of it last Year. I wanted a fresh start so went shorter and got more blonde put through my Hair. Just what I needed!

 One of the last incredible Moments from 2015, was when I travelled from Belfast to London and then London to Mexico, for 2 Weeks of all-inclusive Luxury!

London has been a place that I've always wanted to visit and being given that opportunity, I felt to thankful. It's such a beautiful City and it's shame that we only got a Day in it but I did go on the London Eye and to Madam Tussauds!

Mexico was just as incredible, not only for the two Weeks of simply lying by the Beach all Day but because I got to tick another Item off my Bucket List by being able to Swim with Dolphins.

We also got to swim in the same waters as Sharks and stingrays that were swimming below us. It was scary at first but also one of the most incredible moments of my Life. Swimming with Dolphins has always been a life-long dream of mine and to be able to say that I've ticked it off my bucket list, makes me emotional even thinking about it!

2015; Thank you for everything. The positives and the negatives have made me into who I am, right now. Hope you all had a Happy Christmas and a great New Year!

Love Always, Amy x

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