24 February 2016

Spread the Love

Family and Friends.

They're the people who keep us grounded, who support us and can make us laugh when we're having a bad Day. Sometime though, we can take them for granted. I have to admit, I'm one of those people. I think sometimes it's not until you take a step back, that you can see clearer, the people around you who are always there.

Recently, the lovely humans over at BloomNation asked me a question - What do you do to celebrate the people you love, everyday of the Year?

Generally, we only tend to celebrate our loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries or valentine's Day! This Year though, one of my resolutions was to appreciate and spend more time with my loved ones. That's how I celebrate.

For my Grandparents, I make them dinners, clean the House and listen to their stories from when they were younger. It not only makes them smile but it fills my Heart with Joy as well! Grandparents love handing down memories to the grandkids. My Mum and I are like sisters, so for her, I tend to buy her dinner, remind her how much she means to me or even just tell her how nice she looks that Day. (Which she always does!)

By being a good friend and showing them that you're always there for them, is enough. One of my friends is absolutely obsessed with Caroline Hirons, Skincare Blogger, so recently I tweeted Caroline telling her how much my friend loved her and she tweeted us back. Safe to say my friend was a tad excited! Haha.

If you want to make someone feel special, you can check out BloomNation, who have florists in top Cities if you want to send them to a loved one. Remember, it doesn't have to be for any reason..just because you love them!

You can check them out here and don't forget to tweet us! 
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What was you random act of kindness?

Love Always, Amy xx

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