12 February 2016

Turning 21!

Alright loves!
It's been a while since I've blogged *Ahem*.
By that, I mean the entire month of January, which seems to have flown by!

One of the main reasons is because last Month, I turned 21. Yep, I'm old.
I turned 21 on the 19th January and I just firstly want to say a massive thank you for the birthday wishes! I wanted to relax and get away from social Media for a few Days, but I did manage to snap a few Photos with my DSLR.

No matter what age I am, my Family always throw a birthday Party, even if it's just us sitting around a Table eating a Chippy. It's something of a tradition.

This Year though, my Mum pulled out all the stops and got a handmade Birthday Cake. As you know, I love photography so when the cake designer based it on a Camera Film, I was over the Moon! She included pictures of special Moments, like me swimming with the Dolphins in Mexico, being at the Beach etc.

We reminisced, enjoyed good Food and talked about what the future holds before my Mum and I packed a Bag and jumped in the Car! We decided last minute as a birthday treat, to book a few Days away at a Hotel and Spa. I needed a break from everyday Life and what a better place to go?

We booked the Galgorm Hotel and Spa, in Ballymena which is the most beautiful Hotel I've ever stayed in! It recently had a renovation with new Rooms being added and we were in one of the Rooms.

Upon arrival, I noticed a Card addressed to myself. I opened it to discover that the lovely people at the Galgorm had given me a birthday Card, along with some personalised Chocolates!

'AT' - My initials. Thank you so much Galgorm!

Cheers! We were exhausted from the travelling so decided to get an early Night, in preparation for shopping the next Day!

Waking up to this view was pretty spectacular! We headed downstairs and got breakfast which had incredible views of the River that ran around the Hotel. Everything was made to order and my Irish breakfast was delicious!

Filled up with a amazing breakfast, we drove into Ballymena Town for some serious shopping. Four Hours later, we returned with our Feet throbbing, Arms aching and our purses significantly emptier.

The best part about the Shopping was that, as soon as we got back, we had appointments at the Spa. The Spa in the Hotel is incredible. All the staff are so friendly and very thorough before the get your treatments. They check everything from the pressure of the massage to the level of chat you want!

We went for massages and facials which were both incredible! I actually had the same girl for both treatments and she was so lovely!

Feeling significantly better, we then headed back to the Room and put our glad-rags on and headed down to the Italian restaurant, known as Fratelli's for some Food! From the moment we sat down, to the moment we left, I've never felt more at home. The staff were friendly, we got service quickly and the food was outstanding. One of my favourites were the Truffle Fries - A must-try!

The next Day, it was time to go Home..*Sad Face*. Even though it wasn't a very long trip, I loved getting away for a few Days! We ended the getaway by visiting the River that ran around the entire Hotel. It was so peaceful, I honestly could've sat there all Day just listening to the Waves crash on the Rocks.

I can't wait to go back to the Galgorm very soon! We've already began planning our next adventure there!
How was your January?

Love Always, Amy x


  1. Lovely pictures! That cake looks amazing! Happy belated birthday :) xxx

  2. Aww it looks like you had the most amazing birthday ever! Your mum definitely did a great job, the cake is beautiful. I love the idea of having memories on it, that's such a thoughtful idea.:D

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  3. Hope you had amazing birthday xoxoxo


  4. Happy Birthday, gorgeous pictures.. it looks like you had lots of fun! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x


    1. Thank you hun! I really appreciate it! x

  5. I hope that you had an amazing birthday! I love your blog!

    xx Isabel