15 April 2016

Naked Flushed Palette | A Spring Essential

Spring has officially Sprung!
Now that Easter's over, the Days are longer and the Nights are getting lighter..I feel that I can justify saying that! With the change-over of a season, I like to switch out my Wardrobe and Makeup Drawer to keep things fresh! On todays agenda, is my Spring Essential for getting you through the Sunny yet still cold Weather!

When I think of Spring, I instantly think Corals which is why this Urban Decay Flushed Palette is an absolute must. The Palette consists of a Bronzer, Blush and Highlight - All of which are gorgeous. There's three variations of this Palette depending on your Skin tone but since there's rarely a chance to get a Tan in the UK, I went for the lightest Shade of Palette known as 'Streak'.

The Bronzer is perfectly subtle, the Blush is a beautiful Coral and the Highlight is perfect for adding dimension to the Face. 

 A plus-side to this palette is that the colours are nicely pigmented without making you look like a cartoon. (We've all been there, when we've went to heavy on the Blush!). The quality however, is what transforms this from a 'really lovely' Blush to a constant in my Makeup Bag; The Colour seems to last all Day without fail as well as being super easy to apply. 

They definitely aren't over-pigmented which means that you can apply pretty liberally without worrying. I'm not the best at bronzing but I haven't had any Makeup Mishaps yet!

Along with it combining three products into one, I've completely fallen head over Heels in love with this product. If you want an easy on-the-go Palette that adds dimension without washing you out then this is for you!

What's your favourite Palette?

Love Always, Amy x

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  1. Such a gorgeous palette!! NEED!