22 April 2016

The Floral Jumpsuit | My Spring Essential

Spring is my favourite time of Year.

I'm teaming up with the lovely people at Betabrand to share my favourite piece of the Season. One thing instantly came to mind - This gorgeous Jumpsuit from New Look.

Jumpsuits are something that I've never really enjoyed wearing, usually down to them being far too long on me - All the petite girls know what I mean! Being able to find a piece that's the right length, the right shape for my Body and of course that is comfortable, isn't an easy task!

The Material itself is a lovely quality however, isn't the most stretchy so would definitely recommend you trying it in a dress size bigger to give that perfect fit! The fit combined with the beautiful pattern and the adjustable straps, is why I've fallen completely in love with this Jumpsuit and would recommend to anyone.

It hugs your Body without being too clingy and can be worn dressed up or down.

Betabrand is all about giving you Wardrobe inspiration and hearing about people who've fallen in love with a piece and want to share it - Just like I am! You can check out their Website here!

What's your Spring Essential?

Love Always, Amy x


  1. My Spring essential is probably dungarees! I just love them during this season hehe! xo
    Morgan | www.justmorgs.com

    1. Ohh yes! Dungarees are perfect for this time of the Year! X