20 May 2016

Getting back on Track.. | Health & Fitness

Life sometimes gets in the way.

It gets in the way of holidays, seeing old friends and being an all-round put together person. Over the last few Months, I've fell off the Health & Fitness train. I began to snack more and carbs became my friend again - Basically, Life got in the way. Getting back on track after having a break from health & fitness can be something of a challenge.

Today, I have five Tips to get your Mind & Body in shape!

1. Don’t freak out! We humans tend to critique ourselves far too harshly. We often look at where we were and where we are now which usually ends in us feeling extremely discouraged. You can't change the past, so accept where you are now and take it from there. You had a break and that's okay but now, it's time to get back on track!

2. Have a motivation! One of the toughest things in the beginning, is the change of lifestyle. Even if it's something as small as having a healthier breakfast, it takes time to adjust so the key is to have some kind of motivation. That could be a holiday away or something as simple as a new Dress - It's that motivation that gets you through the first workout!

3. Hydrate! Now it's time to focus on your Body. If you've been eating out more or snacking, you're sodium intake will greater. To counteract that..water, water, water! Water's great for your Skin, your Liver, your Muscles..I could go on and on! Point is - HYDRATE!

4. Exercise! This step sounds really obvious but the one thing I'd say is to take it slow. If you haven't exercised in Months and then try to workout everyday for 3 Hours, you're going to exhaust yourself before the first Week is over. Baby steps! Start off with swimming, which is a great workout but not too tough on the muscles. The Jillian Michaels 'Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism' DVD is brilliant!

5. Research! One of my favourite Books is the Lean Machines 'Eat Well, Move Better and Feel Awesome'. The Book promotes looking after yourself, mind as well as Body and getting the physique that you want, the right way - Healthy eating and exercise! It also features some amazing workouts and recipes! I'd definitely recommend checking it out!

Those were the five tips to get you back on track! The final thing I'd say is to enjoy it! By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you're not only decreasing your risk of heart disease, strokes etc. but you're going to feel more confident and a lot happier too!

What your favourite workout?

Love Always, Amy x


  1. I'm so bad at drinking water! When I try to get in the habit I get so inconvenienced by running to the loo all the time. I know, first world problems hey!

    Denton & Lou 

  2. Great tips! It's so important to keepy hydrated :)
    I like to have a tea before bed, then a ginger & honey water soon as I wake up & I keep a glass by my desk & drink a glass either way before or after a meal! Having a glass of water as soon as I wake up is the best way for me to ensure I get water in.

    Yasmeen x
    The Mirror Affects

  3. great ! :)
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  4. I've been trying to drink more and more water recently. I'm aiming for 4 bottles of water a day and I've achieved that yesterday and the day before so I hope I can keep it up!
    Aleeha xXx

  5. Great tips! I think having the motivation is so important, i'm trying to stay in shape at the moment and thats the part i find the hardest!


  6. This was so inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)


  7. These are really great, inspiring tips! Thanks so much, great post xx


  8. I manage to drink quite a lot of water on a daily basis but I really struggle with exercise! No matter what I do I can just never find the motivation to do a work out! xxx