29 July 2016

Benefit Beauty Loves

When I think of Benefit, I think Quirky. Their Packaging is always so different and the products match on quality. I've recently started going to benefit to get my Brows waxed and tinted - It's pretty much changed my Life! When in, I decided to pick up a few newbie products and a couple of old favourites.

22 July 2016

The Best Weekend of my Life | Seeing Beyonce Live

Dublin is a City that steals my Heart everytime I visit.
I've been there countless times and every single time, I leave feeling content.

I recently travelled down to see Beyonce at Croke Park - I've seen her live three times and this was by far, the best. We decided to get the train down a few Days earlier and make a weekend out of it! Once we arrived, we checked-in to our Hotel and about twenty minutes later, left again for Dublin Zoo!

15 July 2016

New In from L'Oreal

L'Oreal was one of the first brands I truly got into when I discovered the YouTube Beauty World/Blogosphere. It's a brand that I always seem to gravitate back to, ever since I fell completely head over heels for their 'Superliner' Gel Eyeliner! I hadn't been to one of their counters in ages - That was, until recently..

8 July 2016

Zoella Beauty | Sweet Inspirations

Zoe Sugg was the first person I ever subscribed to on YouTube.
Fast forward three Years later and I'm still a loyal viewer/reader of hers. When Zoe announced her beauty brand over a Year ago, the blogosphere went crazy!

For Bloggers, reviewing and talking about products from different Brands and companies, is the norm. Reviewing products that a fellow Blogger has created, however, is completely surreal!

1 July 2016

A Month in Pictures | June


Last Month was one of the busiest, but best Months of 2016 so far! It's featured a lot of big life decisions that I finally feel 100% happy with - Yes, I'm one of those indecisive people! I filled in endless Application Forms for Drivers licenses, Media Courses, Jobs and everything inbetween. 

Along with the Life/Admin joys, I spent lots of time reconnecting with old friends and making new ones from going to the Cinema, birthday dinners and even a Spa Day! I feel really happy with the people I'm surrounded with right now. They're pretty amazing!

June has been awesome and to celebrate that, here's a few pics that I managed to snap throughout the Month!