15 July 2016

New In from L'Oreal

L'Oreal was one of the first brands I truly got into when I discovered the YouTube Beauty World/Blogosphere. It's a brand that I always seem to gravitate back to, ever since I fell completely head over heels for their 'Superliner' Gel Eyeliner! I hadn't been to one of their counters in ages - That was, until recently..

Approaching the L'Oreal stand, I felt like a child in a Sweet Shop. So many pretty things, so much choice - I didn't know where to start! I decided to head straight to Mascara as I've been wanting to try out some new Mascaras from them. I picked up the Miss Manga which, based on first impressions, I really like. It gives a lovely, fluttery everyday look without being too over the top or clumpy.

Once I'd picked up the Mascara, I couldn't not pick up a Lipstick - We all know how obsessed I am with Matte Lips! L'Oreal have a new range which really intrigued me, which I picked up two shades from.

The shades are different to any other Lipstick I've seen, as they have a Foam Applicator and the product itself is in the base of the Lipstick. All you do is twist the applicator to add colour to it and apply straight to the Lips. It applies matte and has pretty good lasting power. I love matte Lips but usually can never wear them due to them chapping my Lips but these don't. You could easily forget that you have this product on!

Last but certainly not lease, I got the new 'Nude Magique Cushion'. Cast your mind back 2 Years ago, and the name may sound familiar - L'Oreal released a lightweight Liquid Foundation that they claimed to have been lighter than Water, which the Blogosphere went crazy over! I remember trying it at the time and finding it a little bit orange-toned. They clearly took buyers' thoughts on board, as this is a much more wearable beige-toned formula.

The product comes in this compact case which holds a sponge drenched in the liquid foundation, which you can then use a Brush, your fingers or even a Beauty Blender to transfer the product. I have to say, I was slightly dubious when I first noticed the sponge however, upon trying it out, I really love it! The formula is lightweight, easy to apply and has a lovely undertone of yellow, which is ideal for those with redness in the Skin, like myself!

Overall, the new releases from L'Oreal have really impressed me and I'm excited to try out more in the future!

What's your favourite?

Love Always, Amy x


  1. That mascara looks amazing and I love the colour of those lipsticks!


  2. The applicator for that lipstick is so weird, but I really want to give it a go!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. L'Oreal is my favourite drugstore make up brand, I used that mascara a bit ago and I loved it! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS