22 July 2016

The Best Weekend of my Life | Seeing Beyonce Live

Dublin is a City that steals my Heart everytime I visit.
I've been there countless times and every single time, I leave feeling content.

I recently travelled down to see Beyonce at Croke Park - I've seen her live three times and this was by far, the best. We decided to get the train down a few Days earlier and make a weekend out of it! Once we arrived, we checked-in to our Hotel and about twenty minutes later, left again for Dublin Zoo!

In the blink of an Eye, it was Saturday aka. Beyonce Day! The Concert was at the Croke Park outdoor Stadium and the Day so far had been pretty overcast and those reporting the concert had warned about Rain. Someone was on our side, though, as there wasn't a single Drop of Rain!

Time for Queen Bey!

To put into Words how amazing the concert was, is still difficult for me. There's certain moments in Life that you never want to end and that was one of those moments. I cried countless times, sung my heart out and couldn't stop smiling. I remember feeling so thankful for the opportunity to see her perform for the third time live. No concert will ever come close to it!

The next Day, we decided to make our way to the Guinness Storehouse, the home of the black and white Drink! We had a tour of how Guinness is made, pulled our own Pint and visited the rooftop Bar, which had the most incredible View of Dublin.

After staying a few Nights right beside the Venue for the concert, we decided that for the last night, we'd treat ourselves to some luxury by staying in the Westbury Hotel which is located in the centre of Grafton Street - The main shopping area in Dublin!

Dublin was absolutely incredible. Please, can I go back to that weekend?

Love Always, Amy x

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