25 November 2016

Belfast Christmas Market

There are many things I love about this time of Year: The Crunchy leaves, the frosty morning and the bowls of soup you need after being out all day.

One of my favourite events at this time of Year is the Belfast Continental Christmas Market, which is held at Belfast City Hall. Food and craft makers come from all over Europe to show the best food and drink from their country.

First stop - The hot chocolate stand. I got the Italian; Hot Chocolate with Amaretto which was delish!

We spent most of the day casually walking around this wonderful market, looking at the little craft stores with homemade scarves, ornaments and even christmas trees, while taking in the smells of freshly baked pastries, german frankfurters and paella (Which by the way, I would recommend 100%).

We had such a lovely Day at the market that we'll be visiting again very soon!
Have you been to the Belfast Market?

Love Always..
A x

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