30 January 2017


I'm writing this post at 00:35AM on a Monday morning, feeling the urge to reconnect.

I've had this little blog for over three years and with that, a lot has happened. I've been able to share so many incredible experiences with you through this little blog, from my first Beyonce concert down in Dublin, to all the sweet family outings and picnics over the summers. I never for one second thought that when I clicked on 'Create Account for Blogger' that anyone would even bother reading what I had to say.

Over the last Year, I've really neglected this Blog and feel such a wave of guilt when I think of this blog. Almost like it's a dusty old shoebox with all of my favourite photographs and memories in it, gathering more dust day-by-day. The main reason that I'm writing this post is not for sympathy or sadness but to apologise for that neglect.

I love this blog a lot and never wanted to stop posting or forget about this piece of the internet and more than that, a piece of my life. This little blog is where I started out discovering my love for writing and that continues everyday. I've been able to see the evolution of myself which is something that not many people can say.

I will be posting blogposts.
I don't know when or how I'm finding the time but I will.
I miss you guys. Thanks for sticking with me.

All the love, Amy x

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